Sony admits Playstation Move has 22ms delay lag

During a recent playtest, a Sony rep admitted that Playstation Move has a 22 millisecond lag. The lag has been described as a 'little noticeable'.

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sixaxis2648d ago

"On the plus side however the accuracy of movement puts this motion controller above the Wii experience."


whateva2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

this is like saying Sony admitted that Blue-ray can hold 50GB of data.

this is a achievement not something that they was trying to hide.

"The device has a faster response time than human reflexes to ensure precise gesture controls"

blitz06232648d ago

22ms is neglectable. That's why Sony is advertising it as no lag, which obviously attracts more people.

They can obviously tell everyone it has 22ms delay, but why tell everyone if 22ms is not noticeable? Anyone who makes a big deal out of this is stupid.

nix2648d ago

that's how long is 22 milliseconds. (approx)

so get over it haters!

Chubear2648d ago

makes it seem like "Ohhh they've been caught! and found out!" lol

sikbeta2648d ago

lol that's so true, this was made to sound like a "bad thing"

"OMGz da 22ms delay, da bad lagz :("

Dumb lol

hay2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Wow, I expected something in range 60-100ms. 22ms lag is small enough for fluid 30fps gaming without intense action.

DarkSpawnClone2648d ago

isn't that like less then a second LOL ?, i know i wont notice it.

HolyOrangeCows2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

"apparently who ever named this News article don't know how short 22 milliseconds is!"
That's better than Wii, and a HECK of a lot better than Natal.

EDIT: I'll bet that the first comment is made by Bungie. What a freaking loser.

WildArmed2648d ago

lol yeah. I wa slike.. there's nothing to admit there.

That's an impressive feat.
Thats nearing controller response time.

LinuxGuru2647d ago

22 thousandths of a second is freaking nothing at all to even begin to be concerned about.

Totally insignificant.

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krisq2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

You're right guys. I took 1s as 100ms :/

Azerach2648d ago

its less than a frame of lag at 30fps. 1000ms/30 = 33,3ms

wicko2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

That is NOT 6-7 frames in a 30fps game. 22ms is less than 1 frame, 30 fps is 1 frame every 33ms.

kneon2648d ago

Your math is off. At 30fps a frame lasts 33ms. So the Move lag is under 1 frame duration at 30fps. They can do that because the camera is running at 60fps. There is up to 16.6ms lag just due to the capture rate of the camera, that means all the processing is being done in under 6ms, that's pretty impressive.

This is one of my beefs with Natal. If the rumors are true, then the Natal camera is running at 30fps, so the minimum lag is double the move. Plus there is far more processing to do with Natal, and since they've removed the on-board CPU that processing will take even longer.

IdleLeeSiuLung2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

To be entirely correct, a frame doesn't define a time frame. You could have 60fps, and 22ms is more than one frame.

What you really are talking about is refresh rate or frequency. Both define a time frame for a cycle to re-occur. So you could say 30fps or 60fps is a frequency (although they are measured in Hz).

Frame != Frequency

Halo 3 is 30fps game and Modern Warfare 2 is 60fps.

Hideo_Kojima2648d ago

That means that in a 30FPS game there is 0-1 lag because by the time the screen refreshes the movement would have already been captured.

So 2/3 of the time you will get 1 frame of lag and 1/3 of the time the lag will be 0 depending on wether you moved the controller right after a new frame refreshed so that the controller has time to calculate before the new frame has been desplayed...

Why the hell am I going on and on...

Basically there is not lag.

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Wrathman2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

is it not a problem when you do continuously fast movements?for example, when you play that table tennis game with a capable competitor,wont you see the lag when the game gets fast?TT is a very fast game.

in comparison to the wii..wot is it latency?

and just before anyone starts bitchin about natal knows the lag of natals final build yet.but im sure it will be more than much more tho?

krisq2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

But it will be noticable only on very fast, continous movement.

Azerach2648d ago

At the moment natal lag is about 7 times more than that of the move.

kneon2648d ago

Well the rumors say the camera only runs at 30fps, so you've got an average lag of 16.6ms just due to the camera, and up to 33ms if the action happens just after a frame capture. That doesn't include any of the processing, which is far more complex than what Move has to do. With no on-board processing anymore I expect a minimum 3-4 frames lag at 30fps.

Then you also need to consider error rate. What Natal is trying to pull off is quite tricky and it is essentially making a best guess at what it is seeing. It will occasionally make mistakes. While the colored spheres on Move may look goofy to some, it does offer a very well defined tracking target making it far less likely to make mistakes.

DaRazorback2648d ago

I am not to concerned about it. I mean think about it most TVs have a min. of a 5 ms response time and some are closer to 15 ms. So it shouldn't be that big of a problem.

Rock Bottom2648d ago

If the final lag is about 22ms, it wont be noticeable at 30fps , it will be on frame of delay which is the perfect lag(even if it capture the coordination for the move wand movement in less than a frame time, it cannot show it until the next frame) but in reality things aren't as simple as that, games has their own delay time, which is in a lot of cases higher than 60ms and might go as high as 120ms.

Ju2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

@keon, if the camera scans with 30fps or 33ms a frame, then that's the minimum lag you can ever reach. Without errors and 0 time for processing. So its 33+ ms at least. 16.6ms for a 60Hz scan rate.

IdleLeeSiuLung2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

In terms of lag, I believe about 133ms is where people start noticing lag in games. So 22ms still leaves a lot of room for other processing using PS Move.

The PS Move technology is still very simple at it's core. The ball determines the position in space captured by the camera and I'm sure the gyroscopes tell the orientation of the PS Move as a vector. Add the origin (i.e. the ball location) + the vector and combined with the accelerometer reading and you got a complete description of the PS Move. Repeat this process as fast as the gyroscope, accelerometer and camera can capture the data and that is it!

I could probably make one in my home albeit less professional....

Natal on the other hand reads your environment like a topography map face on of your living room. Then tries to determine what the various parts means and maps it to a skeleton to determine your movements and even in some instances predict your movement. Wetter the technology is suitable for gaming is yet unproven and it might be like the Wii motion control, barely good enough for casual gaming, but the technology non the less is nothing sort of amazing and a much more difficult problem than what PS Move has implemented.

kneon2648d ago


Well not exactly. you're assuming it takes a whole frame to capture a frame. It takes less than a frame to capture a frame, but we don't know how much less. you can think of it as taking a series of photos with a pause in between. If the motion to be detected occurs right after a frame has been capture then you have a full frame of lag. On the other hand if it occurs during a frame capture then it's less than that.

So the camera induced lag is variable and depends not only on when the action occurs but also on how long it takes to capture each frame. the ratio of capture time to frame duration will affect the amount of variability.

Ju2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

@Kneon, this is quite true, however, this implies the scan frequency is way above the 30Hz. I assume, if the specs say 30Hz scan, that is the fastest frequency you can read that signal. No matter how it's composed (full frame or not - 1/33sec to get some useful data). And, especially because you mention the "lag induced by motion", to be accurate, this scan frequency must be higher than the say "processing" frequency (general rule, IMO, is about twice as fast).

So, again, with a 30Hz scan frequency, and neglecting all errors, and assuming you can extract all information out of exactly one frame (which you can't) the minimum lag (under this considerations) cannot be less then 33ms.

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FragGen2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

None of this changes the fact that motion controllers basically suck at their core. LOL.

I played our Wii with my daughter last weekend and it really struck me how I had forgotten how truly gay MC is and how badly it can ruin a game it is not suited to. It just feels so gimmicky and tacked on in so many Wii games and that thing has MC from the ground up.

The PS3 and XBOX fanboys are so busy worrying about who's d*ck is bigger on the move versus Natal thing that they're not uniting against the common enemy: retarded casual games and poor control schemes.

Hopefully, developers will make these an asset rather than the curse they've been to the Wii.

MazzingerZ2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

it took me longer to read '22ms'

Droid Smasha2648d ago

inb4 "Move has no lag"

oh that right sony just CONFIRMED there IS lag

KeiKei2648d ago

your comment is a waste of time

bjornbear2648d ago

the article is saying Move has no lag, not humanely detectable lag anyway

you fail so epicly =D

NFGC2648d ago

To put that in perspective, the best DSL ping time is around 20ms which is nearly no lag. 22ms for a motion controller is a significant achievement