New Vanquish scans shows the Protagonist face.

New scans from Shinji Mikami and PlatinumGames upcoming fast paced shooter, showing for the first time the Protagonist face.

Hit the jump for the scans.

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deafwing2954d ago

it could be good ... it could be good.

Chubear2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I just give up on screen shots this gen. Many have been very misleading. Actual gameplay footage is all I can truly get an accurate feel for what a game might be like.

I think this E3 is going to be the hottest I've ever seen in gaming history.

deafwing2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

... but one can still hope for anything in life to be "good" ... it's up to the creators to deliver ... the shots just serve as a reasonable basis (real/not) ... whether or not they (platinum) actually bring it to fruition is up to them and their personal standing in the gaming industry (especially after the Bayonetta debacle).

barakiu2954d ago

do you play as the Halo in this game?

madpuppy2954d ago

I think barakiu is implying that this game looks like Halo...or maybe that the main protagonist looks like Master Chief...or maybe he thinks he looks like a giant ring shaped super weapon?

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