E3 Truly Is Christmas For Gamers, Is That a Good Thing?

CtrlAltKill writes,

"Every year E3 comes and goes, and gamers are left with drool dripping from their chops as they hear of all the gaming news that the remainder of the current year as well as the beginning of the next year will hold. I have heard the phrase, “E3 is Christmas for gamers,” and this is actually truer than you may think."

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xYLeinen2982d ago

Really liked the article and I think many can relate to this. I know for sure I am looking forward to read all the coverage and see all the new trailers etc. for E3. Does it feel like Christmas, ehm kinda yes.

II Necroplasm II2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

E3 > National Socialist German Workers Party > Christmas

whitesoxfalife2982d ago

I love E3, every year i'm sitting in front of my pc watching the live feed from so yea its christmas for all the gamers in the world....but i wish we as gamers can be there in person to see it live