Red Dead Redemption - screenshots showing the PS3 version

Cynamite has published lots of screenshots from the PS3 review version of Red Dead Redemption.

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THC CELL2985d ago

ive played the game today all these screen are rubbish

Try putting ps3 on full hd not limited thank u

adlt2985d ago

Hopefully what you say is right!

yoghurt2985d ago

Let them have their fun, I'm not sure what these articles try and prove - we all know what the ps3 is capable of, showing or trying to prove slightly inferior graphically multiplats will never change that

DeltaZ3R052985d ago

very true ,im glad some one said this ,the real deal happens when you're actually playing the game and thats a fact proven.

AssassinHD2985d ago

I can't speak for everyone but I honestly prefer Limited. I think the blacks are just a bit too black on Full. That is just my opinion of course.

ryuzu2985d ago

Your TV has to support the mode otherwise it will appear "too black".


ZombieNinjaPanda2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


I dunno about Full sometimes, I've recently taken it off and noticed that my blacks aren't as full, but I can see much more easily.

Should I keep it on or not?(My TV does support it).


Can this site get any slower that's linked to this article? Takes like 20 seconds just to load one picture.

UnwanteDreamz2985d ago

Alot of us expected these articles. Superior graphics on multiplats is all they have left to be smug about.

It may be immature to say this but after all the gloating I just had to

Bigpappy2985d ago

I don't believe they are trying to say the PS3 is weak. They could just be showing a bad port.

sikbeta2985d ago

Is not a Bad Port either, same thing happened with GTAIV and this is the same Engine by R*, this is Not a "Bayonetta case" in any way possible

BakedGoods2985d ago

No one should be using Full. Full mode does blacker than black and whiter than white. Game developers make games using limited, so when you switch to full you're getting blacks that they didn't intend to be in the game, therefore you'll loose detail. Test it out, and notice the 'black crush' effect (however colors will look brighter). The super-white option on the PS3 will help the whites in Limited mode anyway, so no need for Full.

talltony2985d ago

But limited actually looks better on some tvs than full does. Some tvs can't take advantage of the "full" feature properly so limited looks better on them.

Army_of_Darkness2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

If rockstar can't even make a multiplat game on par with the 360 by now, it makes me very doubtful that they can actually make a true exclusive PS3 game( agent) that can match sony's other exclusives...
I'm not impressed R*....

raztad2985d ago

Bro, the people behind RDR are R* SAN DIEGO. The ones behind the GTA4 engine (powering RDR) are R* North. This is quite analogous to Treyard using COD4 engine from IW, they changed the setting and thats it.

BTW, R* North are developing AGENT. I have high hopes because Sony is on board with them working on the game.

sikbeta2985d ago

What raz said is True, also an Exclusive Game got all the Sony Support, for example Demon Soul was Developed by From Software with the Help of SCEJ

MGRogue20172985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Looks gorgeous.. I'm sticking to my pre-order of the ps3 version, I just know I'm making the right choice here *feels proud of himself* :)

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Transporter472985d ago

how is that ps3, anyways IMO the ps3 looks better, how do i know you might ask, well i have the game on both consoles on the same tv, ps3 version looks far better then the xbox360, wish i had a HD Capture card to show u guys exactly how it looks on ps3 n xbox360 for u to make ur own judgement, anyways i think ps3 version looks better by quite a bit

MastermindPS3602985d ago

wow your smart buying 2 copies......wish i had a life tooo..../s

Transporter472985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

but if u don't believe me u can go rent one copy on the console you didn't buy if u have both consoles n compare thats only if u really feel like knowing for urself, nothing better then actually seen it with your own eyes imo

KiRBY30002985d ago

why would anyone buy 2 copies of the same game? one for xbox, one for PS3... suspicious.

Transporter472985d ago

so i'm trying to get material to review and compare yes very suspicious...

maxcer2985d ago


you too? we have enough comparison websites.

808flip2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Does it really matter which version looks better. As long as the core gameplay hasn't changed, it's all good. I'll be having too much fun playing the game to even notice or care anyway. I'm sure the differences are minor.

UnwanteDreamz2985d ago

For people with multiple consoles it might. For the rest that game on one system it does not. This isn't like GhostBusters. I have the game (PS3) and if I wasn't at work I'd be playing instead of writing this. The game looks good. If it looks better on the 360 then thats cool. Still not a bad looking game on the PS3.

SeanRL2985d ago

I really don't see much of a difference between the Xbox version and the PS3 version.

BYE2985d ago

Well, it does look a little "soft", but will be fun regardless.

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