Treyarch tackles Black Ops multiplayer concerns

CVG: Console dedicated servers no go; But matchmaking to be improved.

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techie2708d ago

Better be better than Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking.

Trey_4_life2708d ago

It would be but unfortunately bobby kotick is hogging all the dedicated servers for his porn collection of naked infinity ward employees.

I also hear he has just used his huge bonus from the MW2 sales to get a gold encrusted '666' tattoo on his testicles!

DEA Fresh2708d ago

They need to adress a lot of the balance issues. One Man Army, Danger Close, and Commando all need to go. Grenade Launchers have to be left out. Why in a FPS is there a weapon that is an instant kill as long as you hit w/ in 10 feet when everyone else is actually trying to tag you w/ 3-4 bullets to get a kill. The auto-aim on snipers has to be taken out, why do they auto lock as soon as you scope? kind of defeats the purpose of a 'scope'.

I have faith in Treyarch and my list could go on forever even though MW2 is my favorite game, I hope Treyarch not only fixes all the problems of MW2 but adds its own stuff in a good way.

DirtyLary2708d ago

Commando is gone I'm sure. Trey studio already said it was a BS perk that broke gameplay. The [email protected] knife was good enough, you actually had to step into a guy, no 5ft lightsaber knifing of MW2

VAking132708d ago

Me and my friend talked about this the other day. OMA has to go. Grenade launchers should've taken up the 1st perk slot like the 1st modern warfare, same with rocket launchers. And they really need to deal with quick scopers, that made me mad lol. MW2 is a good game, if played right.

Blaze9292708d ago

I thought the purpose of Matchmaking was to...'make' matches with your 'match'. Halo does it exceptionally well to where I'm always in a room with people on my skill for the most fun. Why in MW2 do I, 3rd prestige, get matched up with noobs which makes it very boring? Yeah, matchmaking better be improved.

bjornbear2708d ago

kotick was born with the gold encrusted '666' on his testicles, haven't you ever seen Omen?

LukaX232708d ago

Ha, bye Call of Duty. I've loved you up until MW2. No dedicated servers = no buy.

Fanb0y2708d ago

The Halo Reach netcode is brilliant. Uber fast, accurately matches you up with people of similar skill, and only picks capable hosts.

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mindz2708d ago

@deep it probably will also check out this amazing video :D

Letros2708d ago

rofl, that was actually pretty funny

bjornbear2708d ago

wow, its horrible, and so stupid, but i lol'ed =) nice one.

air12708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

im not going to act like i know a lot about dedicated servers cause i dont, but wouldnt that get rid of a lot of the problems? why keep trying to reinvent a wheel that is not round when we have one? i just dont get why devs hate dedicated servers especially with franchises that sell millions on top of fvcking millions.

Letros2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Because dedicated servers require a little bit of effort on the developers part, DICE about nailed it with BC2, it offers a vastly superior experience to p2p and listen server models(I'm looking at you MWF2).

@below, I totally agree with you, I think when developers/publishers see how big of a hit BC2 on PC was, they will go not skip out on dedicated servers.

air12708d ago

ok so it requires a bit of work, but so do patches after patches, right?
and wouldnt dedicated servers make it easier to correct problems in the long run? i dont know, like i said i dont know enough about dedicated servers. the 1 thing i know for sure is that it makes the online experience better and for games that go on to sell millions and not have it is just stupid..

Revvin2708d ago

Sounds promising, I know some people like perks and killstreak rewards but for those who don't and want a more pure FPS game could we please have a game mode where perks and killstreaks are disabled?

bjornbear2708d ago

xD OR just add zombie-ops =D

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