Red Dead Redemption Releases to a Slew of Online Problems

Red Dead Redemption, from what has been seen so far the game is phenomenal. Except for one little problem, the highly anticipated multiplayer component is broken for many users on the Xbox Live service. Disconnection issues and freezing are the two most reported issues as of yet, and our personal experience was limited to just a couple of disconnects playing around twenty matches since it's midnight release. Sit tight Red Dead Fans, Rockstar is sure to have a patch for these slight problems in what is otherwise a masterpiece of a title.


Other online issues include....

Disappearing Graphics like your weapon, horse, NPC's, Other Players

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FanboyAttack2957d ago

It seems like every game these days has these exact issues at launch. Give the game more than 7 hours before we start calling them problems, they are more like kinks.

Johnny52957d ago

I gave you an agree and I don't know why. This game has been in development for awhile and these guys are eager enough to release the game at midnight and many people have been waiting for this one for awhile. They take off work, move obligations so they can play the game today. And for all we know this games multiplayer is going to be FUBAR for the next month. If this games single player wasnt so effin good I would be so pissed right now. You can see though once the MP starts working right its gonna be EPIC.

Trey_4_life2957d ago

Lol im still baffled as to why people pay for xbox live when these problems keep happening, on the other hand the PSN is free and has flawless connection.

bruddahmanmatt2957d ago

GTAIV's online was complete **** at launch. I'd expect nothing different from Rockstar. Most game companies these days simply release games with crap connection/bandwith/server issues at launch and correct them after the fact. They save money by not buying/renting more bandwith than they will need ahead of time, they save money by not having to do large scale tests of their online ahead of time and they save money, they save money, they save money. Meanwhile, gamers have to put up with this crap for anywhere from a week to a month depending on how quickly these cheap asses can get it together.

FanboysWillHateMe2957d ago

Maybe because all of our friends on our Xbox Live as well? Get outta here man, $4 a month is nothing to me, I make that much in change everyday.

drdistracto7072957d ago


its only xbox live, i dont have to worry then

Burn3602957d ago Show
drdistracto7072957d ago


remember bad company 2?

LaChance2957d ago Show
Crazyhorse2957d ago

HAHAHAHAH Subsciption Xbox Lives Fail

Pennywise2957d ago

UC2 has plenty of people playing. I haven't played KZ2 in a while, so I can't comment. Once again you comment fails LaChance.

And all you guys talking trash are funny... You pay for a service there should be NO PROBLEMS.

Nitrowolf22957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )


Please you pay for your service there shouldn't even be an issue, and why dn't you go into uncharted 2 and find a game? its matchmaking has it set up so you get into a room of people filled. Go play some mag, most games are full.

Nicaragua2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I was on Killzone 2 over the weekend and it was rammed with players.

More importantly though it wasnt full of pricks like you...unlike LIVE

bjornbear2957d ago

what the hell! does KZ2 and U2 have to do with ANY of this?

and they ARE NOT EMPTY they are full of games as we speak! (just had a KZ2 match 16 vs 16 (more than anything you can expeirence))

so just shut up you damn troll!

@ drdistracto707 - its nothing to do with 360, its because the MP host is gamespy =/

wicko2957d ago

If you pay for live you'd probably want to get your money's worth.

Even so, I doubt KZ2 and U2 are empty, unless everyone is playing Bad Company 2.

Gray-Fox2957d ago

I was just on MW2. 350,000 playing.

xabmol2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Any time numders come up (player count or sales) it't always, "...bu, bu, but teh Halo!!"

So I will reply, Halo and?? You see, Halo sells XboXs. Without it where would the XboX brand be?

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thereapersson2957d ago

So many people off-topic / trolling in this article...

Akagi2957d ago

Exactly. They haven't tested their network for this game yet, not at least to hundreds of thousands of people.

Gun_Senshi2957d ago

Lord Of The Rings Online, no really.

Best MMO Launch EVER

nycredude2957d ago

Had the game since midnight and so far very good game. Not 10 good but least 9. However like all open world games there are glitches. Jerky animations, textures, and a very little bit of pop in and the game froze on me once so far. Playing the game I can't help but to pray that Naughty Dog decides to make an open world game after UC3!

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poe2957d ago

Well at least the multiplayer isn't completely broken. I found that if I am playing with a room of friends only its not nearly as bad as public games. So for now Ill play with friends or just play the campaign.

kenlawson2957d ago

Thanks for the heads up. This is just the confirmation I need to go ahead and pick up Alan Wake. Tough decision today, but I have been hearing really good things about Alan Wake though Red Dead looks awesome and all I think I'm gonna wait til next pay day on it.

DelbertGrady2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Sounds wise. Play Alan Wake until the online of RDR is working properly. I can't get it where I live until friday so I hope some of it's sorted by then.

@teedogg80 - Especially the lighting. I was also amazed by how scary it was. The Friday the 13th staccato strings make you leave your seat.

It also holds lots of references to classic horror movies. The script borrows a lot from the movie Misery. The way the woods come to life and many of the settings reminded me of Evil Dead, and the villager/miner enemies are very reminiscent of Jason from Friday the 13th.

Anyone noticed some other references that I didn't pick up on?

teedogg802957d ago

I picked up RDR and Alan Wake last night and yes, Alan Wake is amazing. The graphics are outstanding!

FanboyAttack2957d ago

Picked up both as well, might be the best two games I have picked up together in awhile.

Trey_4_life2957d ago

Lol you mean the sub HD, aliased, pixelated, linear, game Alan wake? Are we thinking about the same game here?

tigertron2957d ago

Hopefully a patch will be released this week, because I'll be getting the game soon.

Crazyhorse2957d ago

No! Ps3 is perfectlys fine. Like always.

Red Dead Redeption Multiplayer ==> Only on PS3

jessupj2957d ago


It only does better RDR multiplayer!

But seriously, I've yet to get the game but I bet they'd still be a few hiccups on the ps3 side. There always is at launch. Who know? Maybe Crazyhorse is right and it runs very smooth. In any case hopefully a few things have been ironed out by the time my copy arrives in the mail. (Assuming there's hiccups to iron out)

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