Final Fantasy XIII sells over 5 million units worldwide in fiscal FY10

VG247: Square Enix has announced its sold over 5.5 million units worldwide of Final Fantasy XIII in the company’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2010.

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I had originally borrowed it from a friend just to see why it was getting so much negative attention, but in the end I bought a copy too. It's far from perfect but it was worth the money plus it seems like the JRPG genre it lacking for the PS3 right now. Most of the JRPGs I've been playing this gen have either been on the PSP and DS or have been PSone era classics. We definitely need more eastern made games and I'm not talking just JRPGs.

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You can put a J in front of it, but it still doesnt make it an RPG ;)

I'm loving FF13 right now, just bought it for 30 dollars, but to me it doesnt seem like a RPG to me...

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SE said that they were shooting for something different when they made FFXIII. They wanted to capture the same type of roller coaster feeling people get from games like COD:MW2 which is why they made it as linear and as fast paced as they did. They streamlined the experience to try and match that experience. Unfortunately this caused a lot of grief from fanboys that don't like the fact that its different from other Final Fantasys. It's a good game. Just don't think of it as a Final Fantasy and you will automatically enjoy it more.

On a side note, they have already confirmed V13 will have a world map, airships, towns and so forth. If this game does come out on 360 also, I suspect you see similar difference as in XIII but Content won't be an issue. PS3 version will have what it was always intended to have and no less. The 360 version will have the same, just over multiple disks. There are many creative ways to span large games over multiple disks and SE is well practiced in this. Just look at all the multidisk PS games that they released. FFVIII was 4 disks. Just made everyone happy back then.

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I got over 100 plus hrs in it. Its funny how the ps3 version has the same total of sells as both ME games combined.

Maybe the "new" kings of rpgs bioware wish they had these sells huh?

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Who brought up Bioware in this discussion? Go take that fanboysim to the other article where it belongs. A congrats FF13 would've been enough.

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i love both Mass Effect games. i just think it funny how EVERYONE is saying they are the new kings of rpgs and yet people dont buy their games.

ME1 2.2 mil sold
ME2 1.7 mil sold

part 2 is virtually dead in europe when it should have done a lot better.

either way i'm glad FF13 has sold well.

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I don't see ANY comments on this story about how Bioware are the "new kings" of rpgs. None whatsoever as of this comment. And 1.7 mil still seems like a big number to me.

"i just think it funny how EVERYONE is saying they are the new kings of rpgs and yet people dont buy their games."

I think this stuff is only in your head.

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I have played both FF13 and ME2 and enjoyed them both equally, each got 100+ hours of my time. (100 hours ME2 is from 4 playthroughs), but I think ff13 is more successfully because it appeals to both western and asian gamers while ME2 is designed for western audiences only, and ME2 being a Microsoft exclusive didn't help.

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it is a very good game even tho i didn't finish it gotta max out my hp before i finish the final battle

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