New Wii HD images are stunning (Dolphin)

The Wii Dolphin emulator produces wonderful graphics even for GameCube games. A new screenshot update is showing Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe and Super Mario Galaxy in fantastic HD resolution. Videogameszone hopes Wii HD is not a whishful thinking.

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champ212982d ago

Dolphin rocks.

No point having extra hardware laying around taking up valuable space.

Yi-Long2982d ago

... but how does it run, and what kinda PC-hardware do you need to run it!?

champ212982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Any system with a dual core cpu will run it just fine. That means any 3-4yr old PC.

Now add in a 100usd gpu to that system and watch it stomp any console into the ground ;-)

Akagi2982d ago


How hard is it to set up?

ChickeyCantor2982d ago

Champ thats not completely true.

I have a dual core clocked at 1.8 ghz and Soul calibur runs at 24 frames while Wii games like crystal bearers drop to 10 and less frames.

Not really, but its always good to have a x64 version running.

Corrwin2982d ago

if only we could get Nintendo to play ball with an official video output add-on - though I suspect it's not simply a case of up-scaling, but re-rendering all the assets at a higher resolution.

Bigbangbing2982d ago

you know, I was impressed when I saw mario galaxy and super smash and other titles in HD (Dolphin) for the first time and I even tried it myself, but now it just got old, people should stop posting COOL WII HD DOLPHIN SCREENSHOTZ.. move on.

jjesso19932982d ago

yep love love dolphin I buy wii games that i like and rip them to my pc everything runs good at 1080p cant wait to play mario galaxy 2 on dolphin.

t8502982d ago

Same here man, play all Wii games on the PC.

Mario Galaxy 2 will be awesome.

Hope there is a Zelda this year.

Seferoth752982d ago

The thing I love bout Dolphin is how the fanboy haters talk about how great upscaled games that are not truly HD look to them.

But let's be honest. Most of you know nothing about Dolphin and you certainly dont use it. Just your lame attempts to take shots at a console you hate.

480p upscaled to 1080p looks good? No not likely but you've never seen it to know

OpenGL2982d ago

Actually, Dolphin can force Wii and Gamecube games to run in a higher native resolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.