Wired: How PC game modders are evolving

While some gamers have turned away from the PC due to prohibitive pricing and loathsome DRM, a band of amateur "modders" have kept the community vibrant.

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sid4gamerfreak2931d ago

Another reason why pc gaming dominates: Mods with amazing modders.

chak_2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I so much love mods !

Not later than a few days back I was like "man i'd like to play GTA FPS style"

mod search >>> Bam, and it's damn fun !

Double Toasted2930d ago

Ummm...out of the many things pc gaming does...dominating isn't one of them, lol.

Letros2931d ago

I frequent the site daily, just to see whats out there.

This mod is incredible, if you don't have Medieval II: TW yet, this week will be a great time to pick it up, should be on sale on Steam.

sid4gamerfreak2931d ago

haave medieval 2: TW, love that game. Best game to be downloading mods is oblivion!!!

Letros2931d ago

And Fallout 3!!! Can't wait to see the New Vegas mods!

Epic's UDK is pretty sweet too, people are making some awesome stuff with it, Renegade X looks pretty cool, CnC Renegade reborn