EA: Medal Of Honor Had To Be A “Great Core Shooter”

EA has told IncGamers that it made the feel of the weapons a development priority for Medal of Honor.

We caught up with Greg Goodrich at last week's EA showcase who stressed that the "through-the-gun experience" in Medal of Honor was of the utmost importance to the development team.

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Djorgo2860d ago

The fascination with weapons among young men is disturbing...

Just kidding, it's awesome :)

Indy-Pendent2860d ago

This is a launch day buy for me!

N4GAddict2860d ago

I might wait until a price drop. Too many shooter already on the market.

AndyA2860d ago

Nice to see a dev making sure that gunplay is key. All my fave shooters have a unique "feel" to them.

Maticus2860d ago

Couldn't agree more, nothing worse than a sloppy feel to the weapons.

Fyzzu2860d ago

Good. Medal of Honor looks great, and all, but it's a first-person shooter. This stuff is *crucial* no matter what else it does.

N4GAddict2860d ago

Being a FPS =+ lots of sales

roguewarrior2860d ago

high hopes for this one. MOH used to be king on consoles, lets see if EA can reclaim the crown.

Indy-Pendent2860d ago

Well, if they can work there magic like they did with BC2 it will be a spectacular game

AndyA2860d ago

Good news that DICE is handling the MP too.

N4GAddict2860d ago

I hope the series return to form quality wise