Creative Assembly to make Sports Title

It seems strategy powerhouse Creative Assembly is going back to its roots. Their Brisbane studio is apparently working on an "upcoming next-gen sports title", according to a recent job listing.

The Total War developer started life porting old EA Sport games to the PC in the 1990's, so this seems to be a fitting return to form, even if it is with the Australian office.

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chak_2803d ago

I hope they keep working on TW exploring new eras.

I'd like a TW WW1 or WW2, that'd be cool

Letros2803d ago

Yea I'd love for the to keep working on TW, a more recent war setting might not work so well in their traditional format as the games are based on line infantry.

Making a TW MMO I think would be amazing, though not quite sure how it would work, but that's for them to figure out!

eggbert2803d ago

I think that empire/napolean is gonna be the closest they will make of a TW game that will be modern.

After that era, soldiers didn't form up into lines anymore, so it'd be pretty hard to control the units if the game was set in ww2 or something.

I'm expecting them to probably focus on some random part of the world or something. Maybe a shogun 2 total war.