New Bungie game uses ‘Hollywood-grade animation’

Globally renowned developer Bungie will be using new facial animation technology to bring “believable, character-driven performances” to its upcoming mystery project.

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nix2928d ago

ugh... heavenly sword did it loooong time back.

PirateNinjaBunny2928d ago

Basically this company, and I'm going based on the image here, has had tech that's been used for a long time. It's good stuff though.

wwm0nkey2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Well no actually, Halo Reach is the first time Image metrics will be using their new facial tracking technology, other games have used Image Metrics, but no heavy rain or Uncharted and even then, they are not using the new techniques Image Metrics has and Bungie has hired them for their motion department, so expect Reach and Bungie's other IPs (which are multiple platform) too have some amazing facial animations.

SnprSlick2928d ago

not reach. its for the next project.

wwm0nkey2928d ago

No, Reach is confirmed too have all facial animations done by Image Metrics.