2010 looking good for PS3

mvcuk Ben Parfitt writes:

European Software Chart suggests PS3 has the better of Xbox 360 so far this year

It’s a year that could yet see the PS3’s strongest ever market performance, and a GfK European Top 30 Chart for the first 15 weeks of 2010 paint a very good picture for Sony’s machine.

The numbers come from a Nintendo Investor presentation and are based on GfK International data.

As would be expected, the real victor is Nintendo with a staggering 13 entries, including four of the top five selling games across the fragmented European region.

However, more surprising is the prominence of PS3 titles in the higher echelons of the listings. The Top Ten finishes of Final Fantasy XIII (fourth), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (sixth), God of War 3 (eighth) and Heavy Rain (tenth) are the only titles to punctuate Nintendo’s chart whitewash.

You have to go down to number 12 to find the first Xbox 360 title – EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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sid4gamerfreak2985d ago

"2010 looking good for PS3"

No sh** captain obvious

madmonkey02985d ago

i have that PC case that is in your picture sid!

madmonkey02985d ago

LOL i got a disagree for that?

RedDevils2985d ago

"Too much hair gel say what?" :p

sid4gamerfreak2985d ago

@madmonkey0: Really, u hav the same case? Nice. Not sure why u got a disagree though, lol

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Brewski0072985d ago

Yeah this article wouldve been better in like JANUARY...its may now and we're halfway through the year. We all know the ps3 is looking good hell its looking better than good. We still have gt 5 , modnation racers and lbp2 to come as exclusives. And more.

SonyOwnsNextYear2985d ago

WONDERFUL ATTEMPT at being ignorant, once again.

I will eloquently remind you that europe is not the first to have reported these claims so far. Perhaps if there was a slight "chance" you could open your mind and eyes, you would not have the ignorance in you to post such a retarded comment

Pennywise2985d ago

Attempt? He passed with flying colors!

/on topic - I am really excited to hear about release dates for GT5 and Resistance 3.

himdeel2985d ago

...from a sales standpoint! After we see sales of RDR I wonder what Agent would do for the PS3 sales.

RageAgainstTheMShine2985d ago

- Nathan Drake from Uncharted 2

sikbeta2985d ago

And it's just The Beginning

PS3 FTW!!!

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sikbeta2985d ago

US? oh...

PS3 Community FTW!!!

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Dirk Benedict2985d ago

It only does everything. that includes wiping out formats and reducing them to this

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