Retailer Anticipating Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 Release?

It seems that the guys at online video games retailer and rental service SwapGame are actually expecting the release of Splinter Cell: Conviction on the PlayStation 3.

Conviction – Sam Fisher’s latest outing – has been rumoured to be coming to the PS3 for a long time now. The game was released as a Microsoft exclusive (X360, PC) last month, yet the CV of multiple Ubisoft employees and retail listings have suggested that the game will hit the Sony platform sometime in the future.

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SpaceSquirrel2802d ago

That's interesting. I think a PS3 version will be released eventually.

Inside_out2802d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction is one of the best games I've played not only this gen, but all time...Only thing I don't like is the U-play feature implemented to " bribed " people to sign up with Ubisoft...Here's the demo that was released on's a developers walk through and there are 2...same demo but many different ways to play it...this is the assault version....ENJOY....

Boody-Bandit2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

cez of rage are you saying this tongue in cheek or are you actually being serious? SCC is a decent game, possibly (and this is just my opinion and at the same time I am being overly generous) a great game. But one of the best you have played this generation and possibly one of the best of all time? Come on man. Either you don't play many games, living in the moment kind of gamer or you have to be kidding / sarcastic.

SCC was just an okay game for me. It was really short. Wasn't a fan of the online modes and the characters (voice actors) seemed to just go through the motions but then again the story was so cliche I couldn't blame them for appearing to be disjointed. Even when Sam found out the truth and who was behind it (not to say spoilers for those yet to play it) his rage and overly heavy breathing was laughable. I was embarrassed for Ironside and I dig him in movies.

More of my friends that bought SCC didn't even complete the game then friends that actually did. Most of them were disappointed in the direction TC took Splinter Cell. Me? I never purchase a game and not finish it but I have no desire to play it any more and I polished off most of the achievements in a couple days.

Chubear2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

by the end of the year, what true console exclusives will the 360 ACTUALLY have? Aid me in informing me cause the way I see it

PS3: MAG, Heavy Rain, GoW3, 3Dot Heros, Last Guardian, DC Universe, Motorstorm3, MOD Nation Racers, Resistance3, Trinity Universe, SOCOM4,

360: Alan Wake and Halo

..the picture even looks more glum when you ask of platform exclusives

Oh, disagress? Well then inform me; If I've missed out on any 360 exclusive then educate and inform me. I thought of putting down Fable3 but I didn't think that was in anyways said to be coming this year by developers or MS but hey, I might be wrong so pls, give me some info

corneliuscrust2802d ago

Maybe you got disagrees because it's a cheap jab and frankly, no one cares?

People play the system they want, whether you hate on that system or not.

Does the 360 have good games on it? Sure

Is it a cheap way to play some of the great titles of this generation? Sure.

If someone has fun playing it, that's all they really need.

Chubear2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Why weren't people like you saying that in the 1st 2/3yrs of the PS3? Why, when every naysayer and media outlet were shouting "THE PS3 HAS NO GAMES! WHY BUY IT!?!" weren't you saying what you just said?

Yeah, mighty convenient now that the 360 in later years is getting an utter beat down with games, and have shown it's the one that truly has no games, do you now get the "Oh, they're both great systems. Be a gamer not a hater" comments

2yrs ago, I was hard pressed to see comments like yours but now they're everywhere. Real convenient. lol

Disagree ALL you want, as long as YOU know the 360 really has no games for a 5yr old console. 4 disagrees but no one gives me the list of all the 360 "exclusives" I missed. Uhmm, yeah, sucks to be on the other end of the shoe uh?... Good.

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SonyOwnsNextYear2802d ago

this title gets overshadowed quite easily.

if i saw this game for 5 dollars at gamestop, i would save the 5 and go home and play metal gear solid 4. ORRRRRRR, just wait for gabe logan. HE is coming, and is bound to push the "standards" bar even higher.

FACTUAL evidence2802d ago

This will be a cool edition to the ps3. I have this on my 360, not the best game, but if you have a friend the co-op could be badass.

aaron58292802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

... is one of those games that i really would love to play

This and alan wake got my interest.. too bad i got no xbox360

Inside_out2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I thought I'd add the stealth version of the above demo guys...again...this is the developer for the different lighting to let you know you are hidden as well as the gadget menu he uses....this was to show the fans that stealth is always an option...Check it out...ENJOY... can't pass the 2 guys in the beginning of the n execute never gets old....AWESOME game...I tried at least 10 times to sneak by those guys in the factory the same way he did and always got spotted...the AI goes crazy when they smell blood....LMAO...

Game took me 8+ hrs on realistic....INCREDIBLE story with a WTF moment a couple hrs in...Loved every minute....

Sarcasm2802d ago

When will this end? The game is average.

Christopher2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I'm thinking November release, making that the 6-month mark for a timed exclusive. Perfect time for Holiday shopping.

@Sarcasm: Any game that can reach more gamers, regardless if it's the best thing since sliced bread or not, is always good news. Heavy Rain on 360 would be a boon, so would SC:C on the PS3.

avengers19782802d ago

Hopefully they improve the game for the PS3 version. If they just port that crappy game then no thanks I'll pass.

Convas2802d ago

You know, the only people who are REALLY interested in the amount of exclusives are the people on this site. Most folks, just wanna play games.

So, no, I'm not going to give you a damn thing. You enjoy your exclusives, and I'll enjoy GAMES, Exclusives, Multiplats, Arcade Games, whatever the hell I want.

Oh, and by the way, half the exclusives you named haven't even been released yet. Talk about blowing your load prematurely.

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JohnJoUK2802d ago

I used to have an xbox 360. And man, do i ever want SC to come to PS3. The only 2 games i'll miss are Gears Of War and Splinter Cell! PLEASE COME TO PS3!

Xulap2802d ago

I also used to own a 360, and I really would like to play Splinter Cell: Conviction on my PS3. Oh, and Mass Effect 2!(since I beat the first on the 360)

N4GAddict2802d ago

I don't see why not if Ubisoft wants more money.

THC CELL2802d ago

I want new rainbow six not splinter cell

DelbertGrady2802d ago

Amen to that! I think I've read somewhere that a new Rainbow Six is in development. Terrorist hunt ftw!

aaron58292802d ago

but did Vegas 2 ended the story ?

CyberCam2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I would much rather another publisher/developer make the game because Ubisoft have screwed up the R6 franchise (with the exception of Raven Shield). Also, I really wish the game was developed using another engine besides the UE3!!! I would be interested in seeing it use the CE3!

Actually they should give that franchise back to Red Storm Entertainment!

CyberCam2802d ago

According to VGCharts SCC sold (to date) just under the 1 million mark... not the greatest numbers for a AAA game exclusive, especially how much $$$ it took and how long it's been in development. I would be willing to bet that they (Ubisoft) would want to make a profit from all that time developing the game!

Doc Sony2802d ago

Under the million ?

But I thought 360 exclusives were supposed to sell 4-5 million on day one.

A massive flop by xbot standards.

BeaArthur2802d ago

Poster boy for the open zone.

Hank Hill2802d ago

How is that an open zone post Bea, he's telling the truth.

aaron58292802d ago

I dont know the exact numbers.. but, really, if i have an xbox.. i'd definately buy the game... looks fun.

CyberCam2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

VGCharts says the sales are around 980,000 worldwide. Of course we know that VGC aren't the most reliable sources, however they are never too far off, one way or another.

I don't own a 360 myself but that doesn't mean I wish for their exclusives to fail. I like to see both consoles do well because competition breeds better games!

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