PlayStation 3 launches "quantum leap" in 3D TV gaming

TV games that you become a part of are the amazing future of 3D TV gaming unveiled with PlayStation 3 launching all new ways to interact with its latest technology in Sydney today.

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thehitman2860d ago

It only Does Everything.

Trey_4_life2860d ago

They should do a new saying when they advertise ''The future's now, the future's the PS3''

bjornbear2860d ago

still i wouldn't invest in it, call me old fashioned but DualShock 3 with a tv is awesome enough for me =)

eggbert2860d ago

I'm running my PS3 on an old SDTV with an RF/PS2 adapter.

Can't read any text in any of the games because of how low quality the picture is on my TV. Also, there is always a really loud buzzing sound because of the RF cable.

D4RkNIKON2860d ago

Haha wow. I have a 52 inch HDTV for playing PS3. I want to upgrade to a 3DTV but money is tight, next years income tax will get me a new TV if my girlfriend doesn't twist my wrist to buy an engagement ring.

Darkstorn2860d ago

I'm not quite that hardcore, but I'm also an SD gamer. I use the analog cables, however :D

And it does bug me how hard it is to read text these days...

Dellis2860d ago

You do realize this is for the casuals right?, the ones that have no idea N4G even exist, Sony already got you hooked to their crack they don't need to sell anything to you.

NexGen2860d ago

Quantum Leap was one of my favorite TV shows ever.

mac4u102860d ago

Wow nothing but praise for the Move, I think this will be huge, if not even shrink those Wii sales if marketed right!

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