Sony boss supports R rating for games

THE local head of Sony Computer Entertainment says Australia should have an R18+ rating for computer games, adding authorities should drop the idea that gaming is just for kids.

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Nihilism2956d ago

Here Here!! ( or is it Hear Hear??? ), anyway, the sooner it passes the better for everyone.

But here, like many other places, ignorant parents use the backwards logic of a game being responsible for a crime...and not the children who have been raised by irresponsible parents.

"I know what i'll do!, i'll take absolutely no interest in my childs affairs so I won't even know if they are being bullied at school, then i'll leave a loaded gun lying around the house and i'll make sure I never ever warn my child of the moral implications of using it on living things, because teaching them life lessons would be giving them dangerous thoughts" * nods in approval of their own words while thinking about how they also condemn sex education*

-The logic of parents everywhere, all over the world...