IG: Red Dead Redemption Review

InsideGamer rates Red Dead Redemption

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DiLeCtioN2804d ago

cant wait, i thought this was IGN for a split sec

Dellis2804d ago

360 version is 9.6

PS3 version is 7.5, horrible graphics and bad port

ArcFatalix2804d ago

PS3 version is good as well

Kick The Ass2804d ago


Dellis just lied.
Search after Red Dead Redemption on the site, and you will see a review for both the PS3 and The X360, with the same scores (9½).
It's a dutch side though, so don't expect (english) comparisons.

You sir, are a sad, sad person.
Or a child... Yeah, Imma go for the child thing :)

LDawgNL2804d ago

They only reviewed the Xbox 360 version, they just give them both the same score ;-)

DevilsJoker2804d ago

You're talking out your anus.