PSP 2 launch may wait till Gamescom

Sony might not launch it at E3 after all

More rumors about the future of the PSP 2 continue to suggest that Sony is very serious about doing something to rekindle the interest in the PSP. Sources are now telling Fudzilla that the PSP 2 might not be ready for its first outing at E3 after all; and instead, the company might wait till Gamescom or perhaps even the Tokyo Game Show to launch the new device.

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hamoor3016d ago

if they didn't show it in e3 so i guess they will reveal it in TGS 2010

joffa813015d ago

after almost every gamer site has jumped on the rumour mill to say "THE PSP2 IS COMING AT E3" now starts the long list of reasons why the PSP wont see the light of day pubically this yeear.

get a grip guys the PSP2 does not exist except on a drawing board and brainstorm session at Sony. the PSP2 is a good 18 months to 2 years away at least (from public announcememt) and there is bigger threat to the PSP with the £ds as the PSP is still the most powerful serious gamers handheld on the market.

lets all just get on and enjoy the PSP`s coming of age that started last year (with GT, LBP, Motorstorm etc) and is still continueing (modnation racers and MGS peace walker).