Capcom to announce sequel bombshell at E3

CVG: Capcom's getting ready to announce a sequel for one of its established franchises at E3, according to the latest rumours.

The E3 shocker is said to be in development at a western studio, as opposed to its traditional Japanese base.

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techie2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

DMC developed by Ninja Theory.

Or, Resident Evil 6 developed by...well I can't think of a good studio for that franchise. How about Insomniac? lol

N4GAddict2839d ago

That's my thought as well.

darkmurder2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Lost Planet 3 - Non Fail Edition?

sikbeta2839d ago

DMC > DMC3 > DMC2 + DMC4

RE2 > RE4 > RE > RE3 > RE:CV > RE:DA > RE:S > RE:S2 > > RE5 > RE:UC > RE:DC

Capcom is Not What it used to be, I really want to care about what they next game, but they went So Downhill...

execution172839d ago

has been, every odd number is an awesome game so, i'm expecting DMC5 to be awesome if they through in vergil, having nero was meh followed up with dante doing the exact same stages and bosses was even more meh

mastiffchild2839d ago

If Capcom go the way they seem to be DMC5 will be unplayable in SP and only bearable in co-op.

thehitman2839d ago

DMC4 > DMC3 I thought the gameplay was much more fun. DMC3 had a slightly better story though with vergil being his evil brother.

deafwing2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

that game was never designed with that in mind ... that would be asking to fail.

RedDevils2838d ago

Re 4 and 5 are the worst

WildArmed2838d ago

DMC3>DMC>DMC4>>> ;>>DMC2.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to another DMC.
As long as I never have to see Nero's face again.

It's all about Dante, remember that xD

ThanatosDMC2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

DMC5 better have only Dante and/or Vergil again the true sons of Sparda.

Nero better be killed by Vergil to get his Yamato back. It's his sword after all. Nero is the most BS character who was randomly introduced in the series and randomly given a power that made absolutely no sense or any reasoning.

Vergil wasnt at all evil. Hell, he wants to kill all the demons too but he knows he's not strong enough that's why he needed more power. Both brothers want to kill Mundus.

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seij5552839d ago

Hell no, fuck ninja theory

Commander TK2838d ago

Capcom executive: We´re announcing RE6 and DMC5 at E3.
gamer: What´s that?
Capcom executive: Sequels to RE5 and DMC4. Haven´t u played them?
gamer: Na, I don´t play dissapointing and gimped games...

Coolmanrico2838d ago

Capcom executive: so how can we improve them?
Gamer: Make it a FPS we can never have to many of them.

Anyway, they just need to bring back Dino Crisis. Personally I love the series more than Resident Evil.

WildArmed2838d ago

RE5 and DMC4 were very good games.
They might not have been the best follow ups, but you'd have to be in denial if you lump those games with Lost PLanet 2, Too Human, Haze.

Those games were a solid 8~9 if your a fan of action/shooter games

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MurderMyDoll2839d ago

bring on either DMC or RE sequels, really capcom ditch all your other franchises those two are the only two worth developing for :)

N4GAddict2839d ago

I hope they show something for RE PSP

darkmurder2839d ago

Street Fighter is still good?

N4GAddict2839d ago

I want a new Onimusha, but I don't think it is likely

Silly gameAr2839d ago

I want a new Onimusha too. It's been way too long.

techie2839d ago

I think that's more likely for a Japan dev to tackle.

George Sears2839d ago

If there is going to be one then the main character should be the true Onimusha, Samansoauke Akechi!!

chase1672839d ago

maybe 2 years ago ill damm what can it be
but now i dont care

C L O U D2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Okay if it is DMC please Haruhiro Tsujimota, make sure Vergil is included and not that kid Nero.

ssipmraw2839d ago

i have a feeling that nero is actually a reincarnation of vergil, not that dmc has much story :P
i hope its a DMC game though i wanna see what capcom can do now in visual fidelity for a dmc game

ultramoot2839d ago

If that's true, then he's got to be the lowest form of reincarnation for a character as awesome as Vergil. Who came up with him anyway? He has zero originality, except maybe for his whiny-emo attitude, crying and screaming every other minute. He's a poor man's Dante and everybody knows it.

Anyway, I hope it's another DMC with Vergil being the center of attention. Otherwise, I'd settle for a new Resident Evil game with Leon Kennedy in the lead.

ThanatosDMC2837d ago

We never saw Vergil die though in DMC1. He basically disappeared in in a flash of blue light.

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