Most Underrated RPGs from Playstation

Jesse Sanchez writes: "In the world of role-playing games, there are a few names that stand out and above all the rest. Yet not every quality RPG or JRPG must carry the name The Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy to be good. While that is true today, we're looking back at the PSone and the most underrated RPGs on that console. The games on our list have gotten some respect and notoriety, but in our opinion they haven't gotten nearly the respect they deserve. Some of the names you may remember and some of them you may have never heard of."

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vgn242862d ago

*edit* Sorry, didn't see it was just PSone. *blush* In that case, good list.

nix2862d ago

now that's one underrated PS3 RPG game.

vgn242862d ago

That's what I was going to point out too - till I read the list, lol.

FACTUAL evidence2862d ago

Legend of Legaia should be on that list. Probably one of the best/overlooked RPG on the PSX. Til this day, I say they remake LoL, keep everything the same, just make the graphics sick.

Myze2862d ago

If they were to remake it, they might want to change SOMETHING other than the graphics, like adding a storyline. I didn't like LoL simply because the storyline was horribly bland, as in Beyond the Beyond bland. Good battle system (for the time) though. I didn't hate the game or anything, and the second one was better, but I can't imagine them remaking the games. They didn't have big commercial or critical success.

catguykyou2862d ago

Grandia made the list but Xenogears didn't? I imagine that Grandia was just as popular as Xenogears and both are equal in quality. Xenogears at the very least trumps every other game on that list.

Myze2862d ago

Xenogears is still my favorite game of all time (I liked the ending), but I don't think it should be on this list. Xenogears is not underrated, as many people love the game and it got a good critical reception (maybe not as good as it should have).

Also, the first Grandia was amazing, and out of the games on the list, it's my favorite.

I'm not really sure why Suikoden is on the list, especially if they are referring to both games. They sold pretty well, and I've never met anyone that has played the second one and didn't like it (unless they didn't like RPGs in the first place).

King's Field I'm not sure should be considered underrated either. It's not a very good game. It had great ideas, but the ps1 wasn't up to the challenge of helping promote those ideas. Demon's Souls is what King's Field should have been. King's Field is basically a very bare bones, boring version of DS.

Brave Fencer and Thousand Arms are two games I agree were underrated, with Brave Fencer much more so than Thousand Arms.

SaiyanFury2862d ago

I agree with the list. While I wouldn't say Suikoden was underappreciated (it was loved by MANY JRPGamers), I will agree with King's Field. To this day it's one of my all time fave series on the original PlayStation. I love Demon's Souls, it's as close as I can get to King's Field this gen. But I don't think DS is what KF should have been. They're both different games with different control systems. Although KF's movement system is sluggish, that doesn't detract from the games being amazing in their own right. Now if FROM would just announce a new KF, I'd be in Heaven...

Meryl2862d ago

cool list now here is my #1 underated rpg for ps3 and it's WKC:):)

GunShotEddy2862d ago

Balder's gate was a good one

Brewski0072862d ago

Dude i played that game to DEATH lol i was so hooked on it, me and my friend just loved co-op!!. Yeah that was awesome.

coolfool2862d ago

Now that's an underated RPG from PS one

BeaRye2862d ago

Chrono Cross is one of the most celebrated RPGs around. It's no Trigger, but Cross sold a ton of copies. How is that underrated?

coolfool2861d ago

Well, I didn't bother looking at numbers and stats and facts and figures. I decided to take personal experience on this one.

I was part of a big psOne playing group and not one bought it, thought about buying or even read about it (apart from me that is).

Baka-akaB2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

With 5 titles so far and as many spin offs , i dont see what's suikoden doing there . Same , in a much smaller scale with grandia

It didnt perform any worse than most jrpgs in the west , and did ok in japan

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