Gameplay For Natal and PS Move

The video which was shown on the Australian news program, A Current Affair sported more gameplay footage for both Natal and Move. Full video at the link below.

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sid4gamerfreak2865d ago

More and more flame bait...

BeaArthur2865d ago

Funny, I thought the "new" N4G was supposed to solve a lot of these problems.

BubbleSystemSuck2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

this bubble system dont work.
if you say something bad about a PS3 Exclusive "YOU ARE TROLLING"... if you dont like Alan Wake, Halo, Gears of Wars "YOU ARE TROLLING"...

If you like some Ps3 or 360 Exclusive YOU ARE A FANBOY!

How we can DISCUSS with 2 or 3 bubbles?

Chubear2865d ago

@1.1, Oh pls, don't blame it on the "new N4G". If you can see, watch and comment on these kinds of articles then it's because YOU have your settings to view them.

If you truly don't want to see articles like these you know exactly how not to and you certainly know how not to take time out of your day to comment on them.

air12865d ago


i know what you mean, the bubble system sucks balls. i think its cause n3g has little to no mods and the little that they do have are true fanboys..

i remember some guy was talking out his as$ with sony numbers (i forgot what it was about) so i called him out and told him to stop pulling numbers out his as$ and show proof. next thing i know, banned for like 3 weeks!

all i can say is watch what you say and to who you say it. i like n4g cause their is always something to talk about, sadly you cant do much of it.

heres a bubble

BubbleSystemSuck2865d ago

thanks guys... but something is wrong...

I loose my Bubble in no time... but people are giving me Bubbles for days... but No 3rd Bubble.

And... why if your message is classified as TROLLING remove you a bubble?

Put again Open Zone, so we can speak without fear

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Rampant2865d ago

It looked really fun popping those balloons with the MOVE-controller. I understand what Sony meant when they said that you couldn't play the MOVE-games without a controller.

... Oh, wait.

Christopher2865d ago

If you actually watch the video, then you can tell this is pretty much a big promotion from the two at getting the casual gamer market. I really wish we would have seen more than just Ricochet and the casual PSMove game, but E3 is surely to shine even more with all the info they're holding back.

MK24ever2865d ago

But they actually did, it's the same we saw som days ago, and man... what an ugly thing, maybe it's just a temporary design...

sgw_dec0y2865d ago

I believe it was just the back of the device

sgw_dec0y2865d ago

I wish they would show something besides Ricochet for Natal. E3 is coming soon.

ASSASSYN 36o2865d ago

I agree with you. But, isn't that the point of E3?

Blaze9292865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Gotta love uninformed reporters. I love how she talks in the intro as if MOVE and Natal are new systems coming out replacing the exact things needed to run it.

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The story is too old to be commented.