Red Dead Redemption: PS3 screenshots emerged

Videogameszone is showing 25 images of Red Dead Redemption. The screenshots are from PS3 version.

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AK462835d ago

Those are some terrible looking screenshots. I'm sure it will look a hell alot better on my tv. Can't believe this is getting approved.

N4GAddict2835d ago

It's better than nothing. Haven't seen any PS3 media for the game yet.

ryuzu2835d ago

You haven't seen the PS3 gameplay videos linked on the front page? The PS3 version reviews with sreenies?

You haven't seen those, but you managed to fumble your way to this article and post?



SonyOwnsNextYear2834d ago

HAHAAHAHA what are they playing on? 23 inch westinghouse?
LOLLMFAO these lowlife trolls really have nothing better to do. Do they really think they can pass off the "low budget pc" version as a better game?

HAHAHA i run rdr on my 52 inch 1080p xbr....and boy does my screen totally sh1t on these photos. These so called game journalists need to get a better job, if all they can get their hands on is cheap displays.

catguykyou2834d ago

Video capture devices are captured via the video cable before it reaches the TV. Shouldn't matter what tv they use however if the capture device is bad then you get bad shots.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Why screenshots when you can see HD Gameplay on PS3:

It's italian, but you can see there isn't any tearing or flaws in the gameplay:

N4GAddict2835d ago

Game looks good on the PS3.

Meryl2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

i guess the trolls are still trying to make out the x360 version is better these are bad screen grabs, i don't know what they used to take them but it was rubbish, just watch this video the ps3 version looks the same as the x360 version

HolyOrangeCows2835d ago

A guy on Neogaf even took a picture of him playing in Sub-HD on his tube TV.
He only took a picture of part of the screen, though, so some fools believed him.


I'm glad to see the game isn't jaggy.

inveni02834d ago

That video looks good. Thanks for that! It's hard to tell what to believe these days with people jacking photos up and passing them off as whatever just to make news.

holdmedownma20082835d ago

I have it right now (PS3 version) and game is absolutely beautiful. I'm pretty sure it's the same on the 360. Anyway I've got get back to it, peace out.

Morituri2834d ago

You make sense which is kinda weird for n4g. Bubbles for you.

soljah2834d ago

picked up the ps3 version. if this is running at 720p on the ps3 i will eat my shorts. hate to say it but ps3 version looks like ass. after playing games like gow3 uncharted 2 and hr this looks just plan bad. did not like the way gta looked on the ps3 and this is gta all over again. game gives me a headache playing it. to blurry with pop in all over the place.
but hey the 360 version could be the same for all i know.only have the ps3 version

megacheak2834d ago

You're right. On this screen (and other) can easily be seen that the game is in sub-HD resolution. Just look at the picture in full size (the button at the bottom right).

megacheak2834d ago

Perhaps some have vision problems, but I can easily say that the game looks like GTA4, ie 640p ... maybe not, but definitely not 720p. For PS3 (only) owners it is not much of a problem, but for the owners of both consoles, it is worth considering which version to buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.