Medal Of Honor Devs - Modern Warfare 2 A "Phenomenal" Game

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Medal Of Honor's producer Greg Goodrich has labelled Modern Warfare 2 a "phenomenal" game.

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spektical2957d ago

no need to suck up. MW2 dropped the ball big time.

BeaArthur2957d ago

Yeah it would have been phenomenal with a beta.

waterboy2957d ago

mw2 is dribbling the ball big time

PS360_372957d ago

I still can't say that a game with hundreds of thousands of players at any point in the day is a failure.

And I am definitely not going to say that IW dropped the ball because people can't stop looking for glitches. The fact is...the most popular games get the most attention, scrutiny, and also the most people trying to cheat.

DirtyLary2957d ago

Reminds me of a fighter telling the crowd his opponent is a incredible fighter with such potential. fake shit..

DigitalAnalog2957d ago

In sales, no.

In quality.... YES!

Wanna bet it will reach the same success if you slap in another title other than COD:MW2?

-End statement

Hotel_Moscow2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

modern warfare 2 single player was short but sweet its multiplayer makes me cringe sometimes like i cant play like i did cod4 where i just rushed around the map and killed people i actually had fun when i died

modern warfare 2 you try to rush you get killed because you have so little health and the guns are so accurate they need to make it less noob friendly and make a steep learning curve so i can play the game and actually get good at it rather than it just give me stuff because i did something

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Celeras2957d ago

Shooting themselves in the foot. MW2 is garbage and everybody knows it, you don't want people to think you're going to mimic them because of how "phenomenal" they are..

catguykyou2957d ago

While I haven't touched MW2 since BC2 came out, I would think that if MW2 was as bad as everyone in N4G say, it wouldn't be the top played online game on PS3 and 360 still. The game isn't bad. It's flawed yes, but fun. It needs to be fixed yes, but when it works how it is supposed to, people really really enjoy it. If other developers can recreate that experience with all the issues that MW2 has, then I would say it's a good thing.

Unicron2957d ago

The core gameplay is fun. But the final product is so subpar it's beyond disappointing.

Forbidden_Darkness2957d ago

Yes, it has everything, ranging from glitches to super lag...

Cernunnos2957d ago

MW2 is not a phenomonal game, COD4 is on the other hand. Let that game inspire you instead, and I'm interested!

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The story is too old to be commented.