Do we need a premium PSN?

Play-mag says: "The rumours of a pay version of PSN have popped up again, saying Sony will make an announcement at E3. But is a premium online service even necessary for PS3?"

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mushroomwig2930d ago

If PS3 users (like myself) ever want a system to match Xbox Live in terms of features then yes, we do need it.

The free online is one of the biggest selling points of the PS3 so as long as Sony keep that basic feature for free then you won't see people complaining.

360RRODFIX2930d ago

Yes we need it as OPTION, lets not forget that many prefer PSN because its free. Changing that completely would be HUGE mistake. So keep free as it current is and offer extra payed service with exclusive features. Fair and square.

N4GAddict2930d ago

Optional premium makes the most sense.


Need? No.

Want? Yes, as long as it's worth the price.

kneon2930d ago

Actually there isn't a single feature on Live that I care about, let alone be willing paying to for. And yes that includes cross game chat.

The only feature I can think of that I would want to pay for would be network game saves. That way I can use any of my PS3s, or even someone elses PS3, and just pick up where I left off.

Cryptech2929d ago

I own a PS3 and an XBOX and am a Gold member. I recently got my XBOX and I am suprised at how much more seemless and effortless online gaming is on Live. Sony needs to charge for a "gold" type service. Certainly Microsoft hasnt been hurt too much by a paid service.

rwarner1742929d ago

Well they didn't get my business because of charging for live. I can't imagine I am the only one.

nycredude2929d ago

I don't understand people who say it is so much more seamless to use live to play games. I have both and the only difference is the interface. Playing the games is actually the exact same thing. You put a game in, start the game and play mp. Actually the live interface is freaking confusing to me.

Cryptech2929d ago

I have a paid subcription on PSN. Its called Qore for $25 annually. I really havent gotten that much out of it and think it could be a way better product. Xbox Live Gold is twice as much, roughly $4 bucks a month and after spending about two weeks playing with my friends online I really feel like that its worth the price of admission.

WildArmed2929d ago

Quite frankly it depends on the features.
While I dont plan on paying for anything at this point, I know alot of my friends that pay for Live and are willing to pay for PSN.

They'd probably shell out the money no problem.

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Squall50052930d ago

Concidering the premium PSN is going to be optional and have no effect on the current online content or features, I don't see why people are getting their knickers in a twist. And if you get to download a free PSN game each month, surely it will pay for it's self.

Sign me up.

360RRODFIX2930d ago

Because people are little whinny jealous! They know very well that they are not losing their option but i guess they would rather prevent premium service then have it, just because they cant afford it, or expect everything to be free. Well guess what, life doesn't work like that. Have free option is great value but give premium option to those that are willing to pay.

N4GAddict2930d ago

I might pick it up too if they give out a free game every month.

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THC CELL2930d ago

ill pay for everything on ps3 the service is much better than its counter parts

ceedubya92930d ago

then I'd say no. But, if the premium service really offers something that I would want over the basic service, then I'd be on board with paying. I already pay for Live, and would have no problem paying for premium PSN if it offers things that I want.

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