Rumour: PS3 Firmware 3.40 Coming Soon

TheSixthAxis investigates rumours coming in overnight suggesting the next firmware isn't too far away.

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hay2860d ago

I hope for 3D update, then I can happily start hunting overpriced 3DTV with overpriced glasses.

N4GAddict2860d ago

I thought they already added 3D in the last update?

Meryl2860d ago

it was for 3d movies, but support for 3d games is ment to be in the next firmware if that makes any sense:)

nix2860d ago

i don't know about you guys but i need custom soundtrack badly. better browser. i can only think of those because i care a hoot about cross game voice chat.

FURY__UNLEASHED2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I don't want to buy another expensive TV just for 3d. Plus the glasses are a big turnoff to me.

I'm assuming this FW update will be at least semi-good considering it must be the E3 update.

Sony REALLY needs to fix the broken internet browser! Since the last browser update, it freezes sooo often! It literally freezes on me at least once a day. I only use it for a total of maybe 30 minutes a day but even in that short time it finds time to freeze my PS3. I hate how it freezes my PS3 to the point where I have to go up and manually hold down the button to turn t off. So fucking annoying! It did NOT do this before the last update. My friends all complain of he exact same problem.

Final_Rpg2860d ago

nah, it was for 3d games. 3d movies is coming later.

Heartnet2860d ago

No they just prepped the console for 3D gaming.. so they can get 3D onto the ps3 quicker and easier.. They are releasing the actual 3D stuff on the same date as there 3D Bravia TV's are coming out

Theonik2860d ago

It was HDMI v1.4 support that is needed for 3D. The actual 3D is coming in 2 packs, 1 in the summer for games and one in fall for Bluray 3D. (since neither is out in the market for now they are waiting for the standards to be in production as well as optimising performance. Just laying the groundwork)

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saint_john_paul_ii2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

no. update for 3d movies will be out by the end of this year. the update for 3d gaming is going to come out sometime in the middle of this year. the last PS3 update was in preperation for 3D game. this next update could be the update to implement it.

Meryl2860d ago

no it was the other way around as there are already 3d movies and tv's out, no 3d games yet, i'm sre, if not my bad, i just know it was a seperate update lol:):)

saint_john_paul_ii2860d ago

no. 3d update for movies will come out by the end of the year. check it online.

Hotel_Moscow2860d ago

pope john is right

update 3.30

''In addition, this update preps the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming, which is coming soon to PS3, in time for the launch of Sony’s 3D BRAVIA TVs. ''

sikbeta2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

PS3 Firmware 3.40 @ E310: Full 3D, custom soundtrack, XGC, PSN Premium is Coming...

Red-Dead-Roar2860d ago

we've had custom soundtracks for years...

FrankenLife2860d ago

We've had the custom soundtracks for a while, but very few developers implement them. It is the same thing with video capture/youtube support, very few use it.

All games with the available RAM should have video capture. I especially want to see it in Dead Rising 2 and Little Big Planet 2.

Theonik2860d ago

Pretty stupid if you ask me. After all the PS3 has 1 SPE dedicated to the OS so it wouldn't take away from performance much. And the RAM impact could be minimised. I really hope they put Custom soundtracks and Youtube capture as a proper OS feature and not a SDK feature. Couldn't care less for XGC.

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MGRogue20172860d ago

"Update: we’ve been told that the update has vanished."

Ah. :/

Anyone care to explain? I'm confused. :3

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Cross Game Voice Chat is coming for PSN Premium.

booni32860d ago

How bout SUPPORT FOR PS2 SOFTWARE?????????????

ScoobyDrew2859d ago

is anyone else a little sketched out about 3d gaming? honestly imo if its anything like the real-d movies when they first came out i don't know if i'm gonna like it much

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N4GAddict2860d ago

I'll expect an announcement at E3

xg-ei8ht2860d ago

PC world could have a spin off store, 3D world. For all your 3d needs.

Squall50052860d ago

They've only just fixed Dragon Age because the 3.30 firmware screwed it up. I wonder what negative effects this update will have.

warden9762860d ago

fingers crossed for the background updating

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