Cancelled Call of Duty Project

Feast your eyes upon a handful of screenshots that give you a preview of a canceled Call of Duty project that was set to release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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spektical2952d ago

this is a blessing in disguise.

booni32952d ago

this is just one of ten cod projects they had planned anyways.

MikeE212862952d ago

smart on them for changing CoD4 from what these screens are, to what the game eventually became.

Drjft2952d ago

Looks very similar to the environments of Call of Duty 3 TBH.

XactGamer2952d ago

You know I hear a lot of GTA, Halo, SOCOM and MGS are milked but they are nothing compared to CoD.

thehitman2952d ago

GTA/MGS and Socom milked?

XactGamer2952d ago

I didn't say GTA/MGS/Halo and Socom are milked. I said I hear people say they are milked.

N4Flamers2952d ago

gta didnt get past the number 3 till a different console generation. 2 expansions, liberty city stories, vice city stories, chinatown wars.

MGS the upcoming MGS raiden, peacewalker, portable ops games MGS acid, MGS touch

Halo, halo wars energy drinks, underwear, books, ODST, numerous other things like toys and stuff.

Socom, not much that I can recall.

These things arent necessarily bad, I might want to get a halo drink or master chief Doritos. I had a NG wallet and wallscroll. There are a lot of cool action figures online. I like when they bring out a bunch of things relating to a product I like.


GTA and SOCOM really aren't. SOCOM had only one milking move which was Combined Assault, but by the ammmount of maps it was totally worth it. There were a lot of GTAs but most had always come with significant improvement over last one, so it's ok, except maybe by PSP ones, which are much like each other.

Now Halo is on another league for milking. It sold each and every merchandising possible merchandising, improved little over time and spawned the franchise to another genre with Halo Wars. The only over it I can think of is Mario, maybe Sonic, probably leveled with FF.

Metal Gear isn't that far behind. Luck for us they actually make considerable improvement over time (and that is a long time since the MSX's Metal Gear) but they also are about to spawn the franchise in other genre if Metal Gear Rising really come as a stealth hack'n'slash. Also they sell a lot of merchandising, specially in Japan.

This don't mean any of those games are bad, most are actually good to great, except maybe for some of the spin-offs.

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phinch2952d ago

Nice concept art, glad it didn't appear in any games though

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The story is too old to be commented.