GameShard - Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition review

GameShard writes: "eno Clash is bloody brilliant truth be told. Again we are lucky enough in todays sea of mediocrity to be presented with something so fresh and original, and so wierd it's a total breathe of fresh air. I implore everyone to give this a go because honestly games like this don't come around often.

It's something new, but more importantly, it's also an exceptionally well crafted game that plays superbly and is simply so much fun and a real enjoyment to play. Highly recommended."

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DelbertGrady2986d ago

I tried the demo but fail to see what's so brilliant about it. The fighting mechanics felt awkward and the controls were mapped in a weird, non-intuitive way.

Also the visuals left much to be desired. Perhaps it gets better later on but I from what I played the best thing about it was the sound. I was pretty hyped about it but will probably save those 1200 points for Aqua, or some other upcoming XBLA title.