El33tonline Review: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

El33tonline writes:

"For anyone living in South Africa there have only really been two items in the news lately that had people talking. Since we won’t get into politics we can skip the Julius Malema stories and head straight into something that is actually newsworthy: the FIFA World Cup! FIFA fever has hit the country and the excitement is almost tangible! People are wearing their football jerseys and you can hear random vuvuzela’s all throughout the day. But be careful what you wear, and where you buy your World Cup merchandise as FIFA is keeping a very tight leash on their licensing. This ensures, most importantly to FIFA, a constant revenue stream. It also ensures a certain level of quality and authenticity. It’s a good thing then that EA Sports’ latest football title is an Officially Licensed FIFA Product, with authentic hologram and all. But does it provide an authentic World Cup experience to us gamers? Heck yes it does!"

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