850,000 PlayStation 3s sold in Australia

The executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today announced that the PlayStation 3 looks on track to sell 1 million consoles by the end of the year and is closing the gap with its competitor.

In other news though, he admits that the PSP Go hasn't performed very well.

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stonecold12864d ago

doing well congs not long well done

nix2864d ago

i just love bringing it up just to piss of those people who brought it up. again and again and again! so i'll keep doing it just to piss them off! and i like doing it! he he... q:

sikbeta2864d ago

Yes, Australia knows Best too, Congrats to those 850k Pals for being Part of The PS3 Community

jessupj2864d ago

And I'm one of those :D

I still think it's disgracefull how low our hardcore gaming population is over here when we have games like RDR. But when games cost $120 I guess that's what's gonna happen. Lucky for me I can buy my games online for more than half that pathetic price.

basicsameh5142864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

consoles sold in Australia :

ds: 2,658,203 (+25%) from last week
wii: 1,842,471 (+15%) from last week
x360: 963,208 (+2%) from last week
ps3: 824,051 (-9%) from last week

Nitrowolf22864d ago

wow so MS didn't meet there goal, almost they wanted to sell 1,000,000 360 in Aussie by the end of 09. and the PS3 is catching up to it faster then it's reaching 1,000,000

Rhythmattic2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Wow, and the 360 had an 12 month head start in Oz.

From memory , Release prices 360 $649 and PS3 $999 Oz.

jessupj2864d ago

Actually it was more like 1 year and 4 months. The PS3 got released a lot later in the PAl regions. We always get shafted.

Rhythmattic2863d ago

The 360 was Delayed in Oz, Released March 2006 and PS3 March 2007.

The 360 launched in other PAL regions 2nd Dec 2005.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__2864d ago

I thought the U.S.of.A was the only place on Earth??? ;-D
(Well according to + the(enter you know here)&the(enter you know here)...)

nix2864d ago

shhh... sir ken. i think their (you know who) IQ just went up to -24 from -45.

Meryl2864d ago

NPD == WW Sales / sarcasm lol
ps3 is closing that gap fast even on vgchatz a unreliable site that has ps3 undertracked by 800k, the gap is at 5.05 million, do the maths _____ that means 4.25 million is the real gap, that will be going going gone soon:):)

Nitrowolf22864d ago

i didn't know there were other places other then the US, i thought US was the only piece of land on this earth. Please go on i want to hear more

Wrathman2864d ago

like i said before.the xbox dominates english speaking countries.count the UK in there 2.

if it wasnt for japan proping up sony sales..we wouldnt be having this chat on N4PS3G.

WeaseL2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

You do know where English comes from don't you?

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Denethor_II2864d ago

WOW! My head is spinning with excitement!!!

lordkemp0072864d ago

Australian rugby playing Xbox owner goes to the doctor.

Doc, every morning when i get up and look in the mirror - I feel like throwing up!! Whats wrong with me?

Doc -- I don't know, but your eyesight is perfect.

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