Amazon’s Launch Day Deal for Alan Wake

Alan Wake launches in North America today and Amazon has prepared a special deal for those who will be buying the Xbox 360 exclusive game from the web site.

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N4GAddict2867d ago

I was going to wait. But this might be too good to pass up.

Solidus187-SCMilk2867d ago

Id totally get it from amazon if I didnt already have a best buy gift card.

Amazon always has the best prices and now they always seem to be giving away credit with purchases too.

Amazon also has the best prices on accessories it seems.

callahan092867d ago

This is stupid, I just pre-ordered it 2 days ago. They shipped it today and they charged me 59.99 for it. So people who order it today get it for 10 dollars less AND they still get the 10 dollar promotional credit? Not fair. Whatever happened to the "pre-order price guarantee" that they have?

StuffRokz2867d ago

actually, they have a clause with pre-ordered games that if the price changes before the end of the release date even if your order shipped already, they'll credit you the amount taken off. just pop off an email or call to customer service and it'll be taken care of.

jaidek2867d ago

I sure hope so because I am in the same boat. I thought the whole reason to preorder with them was to get the best price and the $10 credit. Now the day it is released they decide to drop the price and keep the credit! Crappy if you ask me...

Dread2867d ago

they should give u the credit.

send them an e-mail immediately.

now i ordered the limited edition so i guess i am

callahan092867d ago

Update! I e-mailed Amazon, and they said that their pre-order price guarantee does not apply once the day of the game's release arrives, but that since I made the point that when I pre-ordered, the 10$ promotional credit was supposed to only apply to pre-orders, not post-release orders, that they would make an exception and refund 10 dollars to allow me to take advantage of the release-date price of 49.99.

So that's cool.

peeps2867d ago

was surprised to find it actually released in EU before america for once lol played and completed :p

AKS2867d ago

Just bought it. I feel like I got a good deal, but I would be so royally pissed if they annouced a PC version at E3 or something.

HungPHAT2867d ago

I'll buy it defenitly when and if the 360 Slim comes out ! Over RROD !!

Dread2867d ago

what are the odds.. an article about a 360 game and a sony fanboy bringing up RROD

allow me to help u out: AW is not as good as uncharted 2, and killzone 2 bla bla bla...

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