Kingdom Hearts series tops 14 million units shipped

According to Square Enix, the Kingdom Hearts series has topped 14 million units shipped worldwide.

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mjolliffe2924d ago

Pretty very impressive :)

SpaceSquirrel2924d ago

Well deserved sales. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series.

Xulap2924d ago

That's exactly what I was gonna say, SpaceSquirrel.

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series of the last generation of consoles. I'm really eager to see a new Kingdom Hearts debut on the PlayStation 3.

iamtehpwn2924d ago

Just Finished Terra's Story.
Started a file for Ven.

Mo0eY2924d ago

Kingdom Hearts, another exclusive series, only possible on the Playstation consoles.

-MD-2924d ago

Don't be surprised to see Kingdom Hearts 3 go multiplatform like Final Fantasy XIII did.

Square Enix isn't loyal to anybody.

Barbapapa2924d ago

unless nomura or sony pulls some strings.

kraze072924d ago

Aren't their KH games on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS?

CaptainMarvelQ82924d ago

are sometimes on nintendo consoles....
but main games were all on playstaion.....i believe it all depends on ffivVersus

if it sold well on the ps3 namoura would make it an exclusive

the_bebop2924d ago

yes, but the main games and story is on the PS2 or a sony console. Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories was on the GBA when there was no other hand held systems available. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and coded were on different devices because the hardware for these devices are different to say the PS3 or Xbox 360 and square usually like to experiment with new hardware.

Ngai2924d ago

Kingdom Hearts is #1 in my Heart.
Even have a billboard/display from KH1 out of a store, many action figures, osts and ofcourse the games. Not to forget the awesome memories. Well deserved! Looking forward to BBS and the next new isntallment of the series. KH <3 !

C L O U D2924d ago

The concept is so great, that is the main reason why.

dizzleK2924d ago

i just finally started playing the series lol.

RedDevils2924d ago

you're so late into the game

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