Dragon Age: Origins PS3 Patch Now Available w/ More Details Revealed

The release of the 3.30 Firmware on the PlayStation 3 have caused Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins to freeze every ten minutes. Starting at 12AM PST tonight, the much awaited patch will finally go live.

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MightyMark4272864d ago

it's about time! I can finally finish Awakening!

E46M32864d ago

Ironic Console users now get the very thing they despised about PC :P

vhero2864d ago

Thank god for this I been waiting so long I am so gonna play this tonight now.

ThanatosDMC2862d ago

SWEET! But damn, they took too long and i all ready have RDR. My weekend was wasted but then again i did play Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley till i started feeling the need to eat and sleep.

PPNSteve2864d ago

It's about time Bioware! Thank You!

Forbidden_Darkness2864d ago

Currently on my second playthrough, after that i'm going to buy the Awakening expansion and play through that

Hopefully this helps the freezes, because some days i swear it freezes alot and some days not as much, it sucks, but it hasnt stopped me from playing this game

MightyMark4272864d ago

yea the patch will fix the freezing issues!

Odin7772864d ago

Wow I wasn't even aware of that. But I guess it's been awhile since I've played it.

Kakihara2864d ago

Is this game like Oblivion in that you're free to decide where to go, what to do and who to talk to at any time or is it more like Mass effect, which I felt like I was being pushed through a very linear experience and having the occasional choice served up to me on a silver platter by the game?

I've been hooked on Phantasy star 2 recently and it's got me dying to play a more modern RPG in which you gather a team of individuals together and go wandering. If possible though I'd like to find one in which you inhabit a world like Oblivion rather than a Mass effect/Heavy rain thing of playing a linear game and only making the choices the game gives to you (not dissing either of those games, I like both but they're just not what I'm after right now).

If anyone tries to help me with this you have my gratitude and can be my best friend for up to three hours.

vhero2864d ago

You get to go whever you like like oblivion. You still have your main story but a TON of sidequests and a massive map to get around although not completely open world it uses zones however the zones are HUGE!

Kakihara2864d ago

Thanks, pretty sure I'll be picking it up with Red dead on Saturday. You can cash in the free three hours of bestfriendship any time.

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