Gears of War 2 Title Update 6 Detailed Release Notes

The following fixes and improvements are included in Title Update 6.

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Demons Souls2894d ago ShowReplies(2)
maxcer2894d ago

Fuck that too late, some of us still play

Elven62894d ago

Too late? Gears of War 2 is still one of the most played games on Xbox Live.

I'm surprised they're still updating the game nearly two years later, plenty of games in worse condition were abandoned by their publisher/developer shortly after launch!

Hank Hill2894d ago

Please tell me what game is in worse condition than that mess of a multi player in Gears 2.

Elven62894d ago

Hard to determine which is the worst but off the top of my head these games have multiplayer issues which weren't patched.

Modern Warfare 2
Rogue Warrior
Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway
Call of Duty 3 (sometimes it drops you when searching for a match, it was fixed but a later patch broke it again, and yes, a lot of people still play it!)

Besides, Gears of War 2 is in a much better condition now than it was at launch. When was the last time you played Gears 2 online?

Enterprise-E2894d ago

Metal Gear Online. The last map pack was in March 2009. Hasn't been an update sense that day.

bloop2894d ago

I usually get bored of mp games after a couple of months, but Gears 2 is the only game that always had me coming back for more, and still playing regularly to this day. It's also a good chance for Epic to test things out preparing for 3.

MazzingerZ2894d ago

The day Major Nelson includes unique users per game then I'll take that seriously...the gap between places can be pretty huge

"(pre-order this game)"....WTF?

AlwaysGangsta2894d ago

@Hank, have you ever played horde on Gears 2? That's what has kept me going even after reaching rank 100.

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8thnightvolley2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

U kidding ... what do u think gives a game longevity? dev constant sopport is a simple example of y bungie is well respected rather than releasing a game and leaving it out like a orphan...

i still play gears2 every now and again and this update is welcome.. at least it give me that gear1 feeling of freedom i missed.

thou i knw the netcoding cant be fixed since p2p networking is what it was based on so in gears3 i hope things will be different, and from the rumour on n4g abit ago it might just be server based
which will be ace.

corneliuscrust2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Epic has decided to keep supporting a game LONG after its release and all you can do is hate.

You're a champion. Try harder.

JumpNPlayBon2894d ago

Go away hank and play what the other sheep are playing, some of us like to play games because they are fun, not because we want to play what everyone else is playing. Your comment says you are one of the latter...

KillerBBs2894d ago

I use my Gears CD as a coaster for my Oak coffee table... It's a better Coaster than a multi player game.

So they finally fix the obvious! There crappy matchmaking and there horrible mistake! AKA brain dead bots. It only took them two years for something they should of done on day one... but you guys think that super! Are you keeping score? this is twice they screwed us. Gears 1 was rushed and had all kinds of problems at first and Gears 2, couldn't even get matchmaking to work the first couple weeks. 3 hours of play = two matches, tops. It's about time they fix there matchmaking... now if they can only fix the hosting, lag and the frame rates!

Oh, and all you Gears fans out there: Save your spit, I don't want to hear it. everyone says the same thing. This game LAGS, crappy lobby, Crappy game selection, and "Oh, why can't I kill the host".

NewShadow1012894d ago

you got jokes...
you just described 50 different games...

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Vinster2894d ago

Obviously people are still buying Gears 2 and playing it. It don't matter to me what the game is. I just think it great when they still support/fix a game well after its release instead of abandoning it.

FragGen2894d ago

I might have to boot this up and give it a go. I was a Gears2 Horde mode addict at one point in the recent past. :) I remember a lot of players complaining about the competitive MP modes (although I was pretty happy with them as a n00b).

Excalibur2894d ago

Gears 2 from time to time, It's a great game.

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