Hexus - EA Summmer Showcase: Dante’s Inferno Trials of St. Lucia Preview

Hexus writes: "Dante’s Inferno is out and selling, so why am I sitting on this nice leather sofa playing this? Because EA/Visceral Games has given you the POWER! The power to edit, to create, to manipulate this Hack and Slash fest into our own.. our own.. our own… IDIOM! (fairwell, sweet Concorde) And then to share the experience with others. The thing is though, it’s not in the Caribbean at all. St. Lucia is “Patron Saint of the Blind”. Apparently. I’ll tell you what she really is: Double Hard. With wing’s. Flying hard. Don’t mess. She is of course also, a second character to play, in Co-Op. That gets our vote. Saturday night hack and slash fest with your mates. Bring it on St Lucia, and bring your mates. Even the one with the gammy leg."

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