Split/Second ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: In the realm of racing games it takes quite a bit to stand out. The Burnout series took things to new heights with each release focusing more on arcade action and destruction as opposed to gear tuning and tire pressure. Black Rock Studios, whose recent effort Pure won the hearts of many arcade racing fans, has returned with yet another over-the-top game that defines destructive racing. Split/Second is a combination of serial TV series mixed with Hollywood-caliber explosions combined to create an experience unlike any other. Fans of games like Burnout and Project Gotham are truly in for a treat with Black Rock's latest outing.

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JL2839d ago

This game looks fun. Really like the concept and what I've seen. The "set pieces" idea just looks awesome. Just a shame it's coming out amongst so many other games that take top-booking in comparison. Between ModNation and then GT5 later this year, my racing needs are met and anything else would be oversaturation for me. I just can't spend too much time in one genre. Though I do have a friend who's buying it, so maybe I'll give it a spin at his house sometime.