New Nintendo trademarks include 3DSPlay, 3DSWare

A number of new Japanese Nintendo trademarks have been discovered, which include 3DSPlay, 3DSWare, and much more.

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Fierce Musashi2647d ago

Handhelds are gunna rule the world.

Valay2647d ago

3DSWare makes sense. I'm sure we'll see the new system have its own selection of downloadable titles.

-Mezzo-2647d ago

Thats not even surprising. :p

The 10th Rider2647d ago

I bet 3dsPlay is a subscription online play thing, like Xbox Live.

booni32647d ago

Is that the picture of it?

The 10th Rider2647d ago

It's a non-official (as in not made by Nintendo) concept picture. So no it's not.

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