Unreal Tournament 3 stuns our brain

GamesRadar writes: "Unreal Tournament III (or UT3 to its friends) is primed to be an absolute mind blower. We checked it out at last week's E3 and it's absolutely stacked with the sort of ideas that are going to help springboard it way over the heads of the competition.

Amongst the highlights were our first look at the stealth-bender vehicle, which is cloaked when stationary; the 'Slow Volume' deployable - a gelatinous blob that decelerates the velocity of projectiles (watching the flak cannon's fiery spit crawl through the shimmering mass had us transfixed); and the returning spider mines that pester a quarry all the way to detonation.

There was a heap of other absolutely nuts stuff, but our eyes were so glued to what we were being shown it was hard to take notes. Hey, blame Epic. Believe us when we say that both the PC and PS3 versions look like grade-A ass kickers, though. In fact, the only 'dodgy' bit we saw was the hover board being controlled using Sixaxis tilting - it looked to make for a frustratingly collision-heavy ride."

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Kleptic4173d ago

man I can't wait...this game is creeping up fast towards the top of my list for this fall...So far its this and Warhawk at the very top

Mr VideoGames4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

ya to Bad it will be on PS3 for a year before it comes out for Xbox 360 cause XBOX LIVE has almost 10 Million Users so many poeple won't be able to play this game for awhile and like not even a million people are the Playstation Network makes no sense for it to come out for PS3 first it will be abused buy so little people who are playing on PS3 Online, barely any poeple are online on PS3

Kleptic4173d ago

excellent post man, seriously...

I totally agree with you too...Why buy it on the PS3 this fall when you can wait and get it on the 360 next year...its awesome...You can wait for it, and then not have to clown around with any of that user content that people create...that crap is annoying...XBL and the Gestapo that control it Know better than to let their 6 million+ paying subscribers get any completely free user mods...I should throw a brick at you...

r10004173d ago

Shut the hell up... SERIOUSLY SHUT UP....

like you can tell out of those supposed 10 million who's who. If you cycled the same say ten thousand players in 6 months, you'd still wouldn't notice the numbers.

I don't have any problems finding someone new to play in resistance

Arkham4173d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

Microsoft only recently announced (in March) that XBL had reached 6 Million users. That number is total XBL subscribers (Free/Silver, Gold) since Live started in 2002.

I haven't seen a number specifying how many Gold 360 subscribers there are yet. Does anyone have a link to this info? Has it been released yet?

Edit: There go the disagreediots(TM) again . Hey, look it up. 6 Million subscribers during 2002 to March 2007. Google's your friend.

rev204173d ago

Whose laughing when you have to pay for any extra maps as downloadable content

Not only that you posted twice before how your goin to purchuse a ps3 so your just talking out of ya ass :)

VaeVictus4173d ago

What perplexes me is why I only have one bubble, I post nothing near as idiotic as this poster yet I have one bubble.

Premonition4173d ago

You know what its people like you, that we need to have this site have a ban feature or a no post feature for people who post nonsense and stupidity, you sir just do it to piss people off. I know I answered my own statement, but why even post at all? Why not be like a smart person and post where your system news is, if theres nothing talking about your system, why post? You dont see me trolling the xbox360n news, talking bad about the game, and trying to get on peoples nerve, Oh ya thats right because im mature and know where my boundaries are. Oh and you wonder why I have 2 bubbles because when people cant understand that they are wrong and when I correct them they get mad, act like a little child and click that negative sign right above me, and I have 5 ignores because people cant stand me addressing their issue, which it seems you have, and theres no denying that. So as soon as this site gets ban system of some kind, your the first on the list. Good day.

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Mike134nl4173d ago

With unreal tournament and warhawk coming the online ps3 community is definitely bound to grow.

Bathyj4173d ago

I think I'll start going online more when the LBP Demo hits.

neogeo4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

congrads on the dumbest post ever on n4g.

Have you ever play online with PS3? ever? even once? I thought not.
for your info its lag free. live has lots of lag.
also try fall of man online. there is always 40 people in the rooms always full. always! if this game ever comes for 360 they will have to dumb down the graphics alot. even epic hinted that this game goes far past what 360 can do.

gta_cb4173d ago

with all new games comming out the ammount is going to grow =D

Kratos_Kart20074173d ago

I never have problems finding peeps on Resistance...'

Also this game looks nuts :)

Bathyj4173d ago

I think its great all that stuff blew him away and the only bit he wasn't sure of (because he obviously hasn't tried it)was the 6ax hoverboard. Although I guess I'll have to wait til I play it to be sure but Mark Rein said it feels incredibly intuitive and was one of the things he bragged about for the PS3 version.

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