Can we just kill Guitar Hero, please?

As far as comic books go, every hero has to fall at some point or else it gets sorta boring watching them save the world/parallel universe/a cat from a tree over and over again. Guitar Hero is no different…

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kissmeimgreek2861d ago

activisions doing a pretty good job of that for us

Pedobear Rocks2861d ago

don't want to play it...don't buy it.

Simple solutions for a complicated world.


Colonel-Killzone2861d ago

Well I can't judge this game I never bought it. But I also don't plan on it can anyone explain to me about this franchise ? Is rockband better ?

sa_nick2861d ago

Rock Band kicks Guitar Hero's ass aswell. Maybe not in sales, but it's a much hgher quality game, just look at the reviews. Harmonix (the makers of GH1, GH2, and the rock band series) have the most highest rated games on metacritic, more than any other developer.