The Top 10 Videogame Characters We Want To Back Us Up In A Bar Fight

A funny and entertaining rundown of Meodia's top 10 characters they would want to back them up in a bar fight.

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ipwnall2655d ago

Love your number one choice!

fantasygamer2655d ago

i agree lmao that was pretty good

erathaol2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

No Zangief? Not only is he big enough to make everyone in the room cry once he enters the bar but he's also incredibly Russian. Russian Vodka is always number one!

STK0262655d ago

I like him, but the fact that Mike Haggar can piledriver a shark and fight an old man in a wheelchair while being a mayor should have guaranteed him that spot.

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GiraffeWaffles2655d ago

great stuff art

btw, charizard is overrated ;)

Meodia_Art2655d ago

Charizard is clearly the best.

2655d ago
Elimin82655d ago

FTMFW.. Well if you're in a sack brawl...

ChrisW2655d ago

Nah, I'd prefer a police issued Sap, preferably in the form of gloves.

And... then, just to be cute, I might call them Sappboys.