Modern Warfare 2 DLC Breaks PSN Records

RespawnAction: "Apparently after all the hoopla from the Xbox 360 release of the Modern Warfare 2 DLC, meaning the negative comments on the pack, PS3 users still wanted in on it. And it was these people that helped Modern Warfare 2 break two PSN download records!"

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lord_of_balrogs2981d ago

See. Both xbox and ps3 users are equally dumb :p

ape0072981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

that you are a mw2 hater??, millions are stupid\dumb and you are not?? please recognize and accept that ok, I know you are so angry\depressed lol, get out of your private universe please

just see the amount of hate\frustration\rants in upcoming comments

HighDefinition2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Man you need to lighten up, all your comments wreak of anger. Look at you "eggin" people on and BTW Im pretty sure he was joking. IMO, MW2 deserves all the insults it gets funny or not IMO. But let me guess Im just a Hater?? Seriously though, Find a girl/guy/a copy of MW2 have some Sex, smoke something and chill the f**k out.

ape0072981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

man it's really simply, haters are jealous, they want it to die , the biggest DREAM of a fanboy is SALES, they're jealous of this game selling more than their soul-mate games, it is as simple as this

they don't care about things being fixed

my personal opinion about mw2 is that the game is an absolute blast, it's great BUT need to FIX some irritating bs

EDIT: @highdef, lol looks like I touched your nerve

HighDefinition2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Actually I was trying to help you lighten up a bit, cause I can tell your not a idiot. You just always seem so mad. Nothing on this site has even the slightess chance of affecting my temperament , If anything it sees like the fanboys hit your nerve since that almost all youve been posting about.

El_Colombiano2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Well COD is popular. Shouldn't be, but it is.

HighDefinition2981d ago

Ape007 just sent me a PM laughing (like a little psycho fanboy), After that I cant even believe the guy has the nerve to say anything about fanboys. What a joke.

sandip7872981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

go have a sh*t or whatever and calm down. you think sales = greatness? think again. and you sent hi def an inbox message? dude no offence but you sound a bit mental

duplissi2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

i bet you think that avatar is the best movie on earth dont you?
hmm going by your logic every song that hits the top 40 are musical masterpieces........

sadly *most* people are easily led and will like most anything if you tell them... usually because they see everyone else doing it and they dont care enough to search out the truly great stuff so mediocre or merely good seems like the best.

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Mo0eY2981d ago ShowReplies(3)
bjornbear2981d ago

thats exactly what I came in here to type =P bubs+ for telepathy and honesty xD

BattleAxe2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Lord of Balrogs,

I'm not sure that it means that we're dumb, all I can say is that I make money by having a job. $15 is nothing for me lol. I've always enjoyed CoD along with KZ2, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Socom and Resistance.

Briefcase Joe2981d ago

$15 isn't a lot of money to most people either, but you start adding up the $15 DLC BS from every game and it turns into a lot of money. Wait until every game you like starts nickel-and-diming you. You'll probably change your mind.

Megaton2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Obviously it's not about the $15 breaking our banks. We've got the $300+ consoles, and the $60+ games. It's about getting your money's worth. Map packs were typically free not too long ago, ya know?

gamingisnotacrime2981d ago

do you always break it down like that? that is just bitching, when you paid $300 for the console, you already got your moneys worth, the $60 for the game like MW2 gives you te $60 worth
the $15 DLC is there if you want it, think is too pricey, dont buy it. But lots of gamers are lovng MW2 and having tons and tons of fun

Megaton2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Never imagined I'd see someone defend Activision's $15 map packs. What happened to having standards? Right out the damn window. Should thank you guys in advance for the $30 map packs we'll get in a couple years.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Please, ape, don't be ridiculous.

van-essa2981d ago

Hate on user ape all you want, but he's right.

gamingisnotacrime2981d ago

that is a pointless statement
those $15 will get MW2 lovers dozens of hours of fun, when you see how much those maps will be played by the gamers, $15 in DLC is better than $15 at the movies. Calling people dumb because they are into a game to the point of paying high prices for DLC is absurd, i rented MW2, and that game is FUN! remember having fun in a video game?, is glitchy, is unbalanced, one just shoots at whatever it moves but it is nonetheless fun period. If you dont like MW2, or even are a MW2 hater, that is cool. but dont come here to a MW2 article and talk trash on fellow gamers ( a lot of them) that enjoy having fun with their games while you criticize pointlessly other gamers taste


This is truly sad news...

I'm sure Bobby KoDick... I mean Kotick is smiling, and every time he smiles, a kitten dies.

badz1492981d ago

he's evil! although I think that this is bound to happen because MW2 is currently on top of PS3 sales rank (if I'm not mistaken), he's killing gaming while churning/rehashing games after games and that's why I hate him! the last game I bought was CoD4 but I'm in no way will ever put my money in his accounts again and thank god all of their games SUCK! - yes, including CoDs!

FACTUAL evidence2981d ago

Dam, so prepare for kittens to be on the extinction list.

DeZv32981d ago

On the bright side, I always have a laugh when reading his comments. :P

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ape0072981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I remember someone says "xbox players are sheep that buy 15$ crap"

now that is just a reflection of how much hate, fanboyism and how extremely close minded some of you can get, they just can't accept it lol

and the funniest thing that 80% of n4g commenters act like experts and perfect critics, that is the behavior and definition of "close minds"

Im betting that most of them are either desperate adults or kids\teenagers


Corepred42981d ago

don't be retarded. majority of ps3 users were excited to finally get the new maps. only a few were saying it were crap prob just because they hate the game altogether. i know i was excited and i like the maps so to me i was happy with the purchase and sharing of the new maps. i am, however, someone who says "some xbox players are sheep that buy $60 dlc, cough cough odst."

Elven62981d ago

Can you please get your statements right? ODST was NOT supposed to be DLC but ALWAYS a $40 expansion pack.

And for the inevitable flood of degrees, please prove me wrong by finding proof that ODST was supposed to be DLC. I'm not talking about made up rumors that someone posted on N4G for hits but solid facts, public statements, etc.

itsralf2981d ago

ODST was never labeled by Microsoft or Bungie as DLC, but that's essentially what it was and should have been. It included nothing new but a very brief campaign and useless multiplayer mode.

Did Criterion release Big Surf Island as a completely new disc-based game? No. It was a DLC expansion pack. It's added hours and hours of new content to Burnout Paradise though.

Is Ubisoft releasing all the DLC expansions for Assassin's Creed 2 as a completely new disc-based game? No. Those are DLC expansion packs...

What Bungie and Microsoft did was rip off millions of people. Developers add downloadable expansions for their games ALL THE TIME now. But they don't charge more than $20.

Rockstar released both of their DLC expansions for GTA4 on disc and for download, but it was only $40. Either expansion lasts MUCH longer than ODST's pathetic campaign. But there are TWO of them for less money than ODST.

So please tell me how ODST was worth $60... I highly doubt you're still enjoying that campaign...

Elven62981d ago

Well again, that's just your opinion. The retail package at $40 was supposed to include,

- Halo 3: ODST
- Firefight mode
- Halo Reach beta
- Halo 3 mulitplayer with all DLC and 3 exclusive maps

In other words, you weren't getting just the new story from ODST's retail package.

You can't compare the Assassin's Creed II DLC to Halo 3: ODST, the ACII DLC was taken from the game and it isn't very long either from what I've heard. ODST was a new game built from the ground up on Halo 3's engine, new mechanics, voice actors, music, etc.

GTA IV DlC is a better comparison but that was also released to retail for $40 and it didn't come with any component of the standalone GTA IV from what I remember.

That is a pretty good deal for $40, the Halo 3 DLC alone would you run $30-40 at MSRP.

I never said anything about $60 being justified in my comment, I said ODST was always a $40 expansion pack. I liked ODST's campaign and I still play Firefight from time to time.

bjornbear2981d ago

" "xbox players are sheep that get excited they get the time exlusivity to buy 15$ crap""

thats what was said i believe =3

sandip7872981d ago

"Im betting that most of them are either desperate adults or kids\teenagers"
right now im betting everybody thinks that you're a desperate adult/teenager

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

¿Jealous because I can't be s Camper, Noob with ridiculous perks on a Overpriced maps at MW2?

No, I don't feel jealous.

JRisburning2981d ago

You truly personify your name.

"Close minds"

When you point a finger, you have three pointing back at you.

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Sigh2981d ago

got mine through game share... so....

Charlie_Shene2981d ago

lucky guy no one will share it with me

Sigh2981d ago

disagrees, what jealous people.

PS360PCROCKS2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

sad. very very sad. Damn you, you sheep! Bahhh bahhhh! Spend that $15 on something worthwhile and worth the price UC2, KZ2, GOW III, Demons Souls etc...

itsralf2981d ago

UC2 Siege Expansion & Drake's Fortune MP Pack = $12.
If I remember correctly... four NEW maps, twelve new skins, twenty-three new trophies and one new game mode.

MW2 Pack = $15.
If I remember correctly... three NEW maps, ...wait, that's it?

PS360PCROCKS2981d ago

Exactly! I love UC2, I still play it online once a week.

redDevil872981d ago

idiots -_-

Three of my friends bought the pack and i told them they were dickheads for doing so. Funny thing is they spent £10 on them, played them a few times and now never play them lol