IGN: Super Mario Galaxy 2's Impact: An Editor Roundtable

IGN: By the end of the week you're going to know exactly what I think about Super Mario Galaxy 2: my full review lands on IGN in both written and video form on Friday, May 21. The game hits shelves on Sunday, May 23, so you'll have a good 48 hours to decide whether you should finally front the pre-order or not. (Pro tip: definitely.)

But I'm just one guy, and there are several other gamers here at IGN who deserve a say in the matter. I thought I'd run around the office getting a feel for how our Game of the Year in 2007 affected them, and what they're expecting for next week's sequel.

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eagle212866d ago

240 Stars in Galaxy 2? That's the best news I've heard all day. Nintendo has a real winner with this. :)

SpoonyRedMage2866d ago

Right... so I got bored of reading them so I skimmed the last few but apart from the last ones all they say "lol rehash. lol Wii. lol casual." basically.

...and seriously complaining about the camera in SMG? They mustn't play any 3D platformers then because the majority have crap cameras in comparison to SMG.