Bungie not interested in working on Call of Duty or any other Activision franchise

Over the last week, Bungie has elaborated on why it chose to sign the publishing deal with Activision. During an interview, Brian Jarrard said that Bungie is only interested in using Activision as a publishing house – and that it doesn’t have any interest in developing any of Activsion’s own properties.

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kaveti66162985d ago

I don't get it. Bungie says they're not interested in working on someone else's IP and that's why they left in 2007 but Halo was their idea. It was their universe. Even if MS was telling them to keep making Halo games, Bungie still had the freedom to decide what the story was going to be and how the game was going to play out. I'd like to know what restrictions there were while working with Microsoft.

Anyway, I'm really excited to see what new IP Bungie is working on. Their game universes have limitless potential. The only drawback is I always got more of their stories by reading the books than by playing the games, so Bungie should try and put their stories into their games more.

-Alpha2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I'm hoping Activision doesn't get to control the IP too much other than distribution. I'm excited for the new IP. Bungie really set great standards for online FPS gaming, things I have yet to see games do today (I'm looking at you, MW2). I hope to see them do it again, though I am personally hoping for a non-FPS preferably Single Player only game.

I wouldn't mind another MP game but I'd like them to try something other than FPS.

hakeem09962985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Bungie has said over and over again that ACTIVISION got no say so on anything they do.they are completely autonomous.They have an air tight contra that will be the blueprint of all major independent contract to come.
plus why would they make a call of duty game .They are freaking BUNGIE for Christ sakes thats beneath them.

Spydiggity2985d ago

you get to pick your publisher. they are one of the biggest names in the industry. if activision wasn't willing to agree to their terms (they'd be fools not to) then someone else would have. take two, ubi, ea, bethesda, etc...

activision wants the money...they're perfectly happy to allow creative control in the hands of a company they know will make them that money.

waterboy2985d ago

seriously you need to get off the meth son

STICKzophrenic2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Halo is their baby (MS owns it I believe), but they probably wanted to move in a new direction and create a new universe to rival the Halo-verse. Microsoft probably wasn't too keen on this idea since Halo is their cash cow, thus they created 343 Industries, led by Frankie O'Connor (I believe) who was a pretty big part of the Halo IP to keep all things Halo in line.

FACTUAL evidence2985d ago

want to work with activision because they know they'd be able to get away with sh!77y 15$ map packs.

psycho3602985d ago

I agree 100%.

Bungie is riding on the success of their 2k1 HALO CE till now with nothing new added cept few MP modes. Same cartoonish charaters and gfx even on the new gen consoles talk about lazy. Both acti and bungie will rehash a game called HALO ON DUTY with engine of HALOCE .

Hotel_Moscow2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

combat evolved was epic on PC

mittwaffen2985d ago

I'm reallllly reallly sick of FPS games. Doubt i'll even buy Reach im so bored of them.

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PMR_212985d ago


Red Dead Redemption is a TPS (Third Person Shooter)

Moonboots2985d ago

I hope they create an entirely new IP and I wouldn't be mad if it had nothing to do with FPS at all. :)

Mustang300C20122985d ago

Pretty sad how clear somthing is stated and you still come up with something like making a deal with the devil. They are simply under a publishing deal. How hard is this to understand? No seriously?

Toenado2985d ago

Do you have a copy of the deal? Even the most air tight contracts can be undermined with the right team of lawyers.

Tripl3seis2985d ago

I'm fine wit it I like 2 see that new ip they are working on I noe is gona be awesome!!!

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