"They are the single most annoying pieces of scum to ever surface in the gaming world. Irrational beyond any sane person's comprehension, they will stop at nothing to see their favorite console's competitors become vanquished from what to them, is the most important war this world has ever seen. The "Console War"."

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Fierce Musashi2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

It's a shame that some gamers actually don't game for the sake of gaming or being a gamer but rather because they are loyal to a brand. But then again, a lot of fanboys are on gaming forums ( or what ever random site in teh interwebz ) arguing rather than gaming.

poindat2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I wholeheartedly agree. I remember last summer I spent more time on N4G being a puppet for Sony rather than actually playing the games I was blindly defending.

I was just caught up in it all, in the drive to make sure that my money, that my time, that my experiences were all as pristine as they could be. I wanted to know that I was superior, that my choices were more accurate, astute, and wiser than those of the millions of 360 gamers. And I tell you, it feels good to believe that you are superior to millions. It feels good to believe that you have made the best possible choices, have the best possible tastes, and have spent your money the "right" way.

Now I realize how stupid I was. There is no right and wrong. There is no superiority. We are all gamers, sharing a common interest that is more intimate than many. A fanboy can't see this, but we all -- whether on PS3, 360, or Wii -- we all play the same games, only with different titles and brandings. The base experiences may differ, but when it comes down to it, we are all of the same make, that which makes us passionate about games.

And fanboyism is, unfortunately, that passion taken too far. It is passion combined with greed, insecurity, and self-satisfaction. It truly is a shame, because many fanboys could be some of the most vital proponents of our hobby, yet it is all wasted in their quest to be the best (ironic, considering that is what video games are all about).

My conclusion: the gaming community as a whole just needs a large group hug. <3

Fanb0y2988d ago

Incredible post. Bubbles.

2988d ago
poindat2988d ago

Thank you both, and yes, I agree that the media plays a large part in promoting fanboyism. Gaming "journalism" nowadays seems to be based more on the ability of the writer to create sensation and gain hits rather than bringing news and facts to those who need it most: us.

"I still criticize mind you but not because I want console A or B to be succesful."

And I commend you for this. Substantial criticism can only come about when the critic has no large bias or agenda, something that is quickly becoming rare to find. The types of honest criticism that you claim to make is exactly what we need more of. Gamers such as you are the ones that are setting the trends and guiding the industry; a reward well deserved for not falling extreme biases. After all, how could the industry possibly follow the whims of those who base their entire gaming livelihood on rough foundations, on half-truths, on delusions, and most importantly -- on hypocrisy?

Surely we as gamers, not fanboys, are the ones paving the way.

Biggest2988d ago

People play video games. But people like to feel important more than they like playing video games. The internet is just one more place to feel important. Everyone is a fanboy of something. There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about your opinion. Fanboys aren't scum. Fanboys that deny being fanboys are the real scum.

Fierce Musashi2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I'm not really against fanboyism in general, hell I'm a fanboy of certain games ( games, not platforms ). However, console/platform are another story. To me, it just doesn't make sense.

poindat: Lol Well said, mate.

TrailerParkSupervisr2988d ago

there are those, like me, who have gamed on every system known to man. I enjoy many features each console offers but also acknowledge faults for each one.

I love the 360's online features, love their exclusives. Hate the 4 times I had to bust out and get another one or deal with shipping it off for fixing. I hate the noise it makes and the overall lifespan. Yes, I put 14 hours non stop on it but it should handle that.

I love the PS3's exclusives, BluRay, and upcoming 3-D features. I hate having to hide in a corner of a map to send a text to my buddy in a different room and how lethargic syncing trophies can be when trying to compare to someone else. I have lost my platinum, as well, on Uncharted cause they didn't "sync" and when I turned on my new system I shat seeing a black space where a lot of my trophies should be.

So, with that said, I will give a good ribbing to one brand or the other. I feel I have the right to as a consumer. I have spent thousands of dollars on gaming and if I want to poke fun I should be able to.

However, I will never sit there and venomously say one one sucks, or if you like this you're an idiot, etc. That is where you go from a "fanboy" to just an ignorant, close-minded fool.

So, call me a fanboy. I am a boy and a fan of both the 360 and the PS3. I will also call each side out when I think there is an issue with one service/hardware. I will not degrade you because of your choice, though.

Good Gaming to all.

Convas2988d ago

I know this is totally offtopic, but I would LOVE to find out to mod a PS3 Controller into a Xbox 360 Controller Shell!

On-Topic: Yes, Fanboys are total scum.

redDevil872988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Just so you know you've kinda got a reputation as a fanboy. On that youtube video about N4G comment writers, some people were saying you were a fanboy. Just letting you know, because you say fanboys "are scum", yet you have a reputation as one. Just letting you know.

@ Xiphos: There was an article on N4G a few days ago that had 3 nerdy guys making fun out of N4G commentators, calling them this and that. The sad thing is they're just hypocrites and it was a desperate attempt for hits. I would try and find it but i'm not sure what to type in youtube.

Megaton2988d ago

What YouTube video about N4G comment writers?

eggbert2988d ago

that run on PS3 and pretty much is an xbox 360 shell. Only difference is analog stick placement, it uses the Dualshock analog placement instead of the 360 placement.

You can look them up on amazon and stuff, Microsoft was trying to get the company to stop manufacturing the controllers, dunno if they are still in production.

Convas2988d ago

Please, direct me to this "Video" you speak of. Because it's common knowledge by most normal folk on this site, that I am NO fanboy. So please, show me where I can find these "accusations". LOL.

MastermindPS3602988d ago

i want that controller so bad!

Unicron2988d ago

That's almost the perfect controller.

360 form factor.
PS3 buttons/Dpad.
PS3 R1/L1, 360 triggers.


mittwaffen2988d ago

Minus the PS3 triggers and were good; trust :)

Tony-A2988d ago

I would love for Sony and Microsoft to mix their controllers together and use them for both their next-gen consoles.

Never gonna happen, but I can dream...

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