6 Logos We'd Rather See On the Wii

Today, Nintendo announced a partnership with the American Heart Association that’ll promote healthy lifestyles through “Active-Play” and emblazon the AHA’s Heart Check logo on the Wii itself, as well as other select software. Surely, this gives the Wii a leg up over the encroaching competition from PlayStation’s Move and Microsoft’s Natal, but how does this affect you?

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Raypture2835d ago

I don't get the big thing with HD, but I do agree with HDMI, Twilight Princess on my wii looks like a badly compressed JPG at times in video quality as for online service I find the biggest problem with friend codes and not having something like a PSNID or Gamertag, DVD isn't that much of a issue to me seeing as how my parents have a DVD player my brother has a PS2 and a 360 and I have a 360 which are all capable of playing DVD's but for the person who has a wii and doesn't have something to play DVD's it'd be handy.

I don't get what people are shocked at with nintendo being behind on technology, they have been since the N64, they used cartridges while sony used discs, then come gamecube they used discs but mini-dvd's which can only hold up to like 2GB. They've also stayed behind on the times witch gameboy when there were other things like the game gear but stayed with the gameboy because at that time a color game-boy would suck batteries. While it has been limiting in some cases the wii has the least failure rate of all current consoles, can't say so much for the DS though, me and my brother both had a DS lite and they both ended up broke in about a year, wasn't anything we were doing to them they just quit turning on one day, I looked up a fix for it and plan to try it sometime but I need to find some copper wire and a screwdriver to unscrew it... The biggest thing that's hurting the wii now is the cost in periphials like the wii motion plus, I need to go get one but don't plan to until I have the money which in turn makes me unlikely to go buy games because I need the motion plus to fully enjoy new games.

SinnedNogara2835d ago

I'm pretty sure there's a downloadable mod on the Wii where you can set it up to play DVDs (comes from the Wii Homebrew Channel). The Wii needs this feature, along with CD playback to be added by Nintendo officially. HDMI needs to be added to the next Nintendo system, but there's something else that needs to be added to the list that hasn't been already said.

160 GB HDD!

Seriously, if my iPod can hold 160 GBs, why does my video game console hold only 512 MB!