GameKult: Red Dead Redemption Review

GameKult: Rockstar is strong when it comes to telling a story. That everyone knows. And yet, the adventure of Red Dead Redemption may go even further than what has been able to realize the talent division of the studio in the past, particularly through the various episodes of GTA .

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PaPa-Slam2960d ago

9/10 probably the lowest score i have seen for this game, man this game is gonna provide me with endless hours of joy. :)

-Mezzo-2960d ago

you just had to blow his bubble. :P

never the less it's a mind blowing game.

unkn0wn2960d ago

Im burning myself out on prehype. Most of my N4G time now goes to reading RDR reviews:( haha.

PaPa-Slam2960d ago

lol, same here, can't freakin wait.

-Mezzo-2960d ago

Got this game Today, playing it for the last hour and half.

2 words (It's Fucking Awesome) Ohh, thats 3 words..


I hope the store deliver the game tomorrow. If not, I will wait days for another deliver.