8 Games You'd Love To See At E3 But Know You Probably Won't

Irish Gaming Site writes:

"Trying to predict what E3 has in store is next to near impossible. Hell, even Nostradamus himself wouldn’t come close to figuring out what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has planned for the millions of eagar and dedicated gamers who will watch them display their new wares from June 15th to 17th respectively.

There are so many games that we would love to see announced at E3, but unfortunatetly, if you’ve ever followed an E3 before, you’ll know that disappointment is the only thing thats always guaranteed to be in attendance. We all can’t always get what we want. There’s no such thing as a perfect E3. Here’s a list of 8 games we’d love to see at E3 2010, but know deep down in our hearts that we probably won’t. We hope we’re very wrong, Very very very wrong."

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mrv3212959d ago

The ur-quan masters with Sins of a solar empire style combat and new HD graphics, bioware dialogue tree and improved map navigation to be game of the year.

llMurcielagoll2958d ago

Jak IV

I am so looking forward for a whole new adventure taken to the next gen Seeing Jak and Daxter in High Definition graphics and a mind blowing story.

I hope it does get announced on E3

HolyOrangeCows2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

-New TimeSplitters
-Battlefront 3
-Republic Commando 2
-Exclusive Star Wars Move game
-"Banjo-Threeie" (Not that slow-paced, mostly race missions game that came out 2 years ago)
-A game that takes some thought that isn't a strict puzzler.

madjedi2958d ago

Battlefront 3 and republic commando 2, oh hell yeah, id snatch those 2 up in no time, what about a next gen onimusha or legend of the dragoon sequel/remake.

Hellsvacancy2959d ago

Hitman V should be on the list

poindat2959d ago

Check under the "honorable mentions" bro.

PandemicPrawn02959d ago

I want to see KOTOR 3.

Who the hell is going to make that happen? (And no, The Old Republic MMO does not count.)

kaveti66162959d ago

Me, too. Bioware says it counts.

Mo0eY2959d ago

Might as well expect TOR to be KOTOR 3. Their tie-in with the MMORPG is going to be a big part of it from what I've kept up with.

NeoBasch2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Eight Days... the best game that never was. I'm going to go over to this corner and cry now. You don't mind do you? :'(

UnSelf2959d ago

its about time someone brought these blindless faithful back to earth

e3 as always will disappoint simply cuz ya expect to much

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The story is too old to be commented.