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Major League Gaming: Still Struggling To Find The Fun

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"Walking into the event, I realized that this was not the segment of the gaming community that I’m used to dealing with. I guarantee you that 95% of the people in that hall did not give a shit about Mario, Kratos, or anything else that would make an average gamer’s nipples hard as rocks..." (Culture, Halo 3, Xbox 360)

Fierce Musashi  +   1965d ago
Smash brother will make it allll better. Just make it pro.
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topdawg122  +   1965d ago
No, they should at least use a real fighting game that takes real skill like SSF4 or Blazblue. That's what MLG needs not just pure shooters and Starcraft.
Darkstorn  +   1965d ago
CyberCam  +   1965d ago
Real Interesting.... Quotes of the day (below)!
"Not once did I hear anyone scream through his microphone that they had fornicated with an opponent’s mother, sister, father, etc. Granted, it’s much easier to throw that kind of bashing out over the anonymity granted by an internet connection. It’s a different story when your opponent is sitting across from you".

"That’s not to say that these fine competitors aren’t the same little bastards one has to deal with when they log-in to XBL on a regular basis, I’m sure some of them were".

So true!!
kjordanreyna  +   1965d ago
MLG gaming can't appeal to the mass market because the mass market and people who play video games don't regard it as a sport.
Komega  +   1965d ago
I think that's kind of the point MLG wants to be seen as a sport, but that's not how the people who they should be targeting view it, nor should they in my opinion.
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GenoZStriker  +   1965d ago
Seriously dude
if you know nothing about competitive gaming, stay the f*ck away from it and don't write stupid bullshit articles like this. MLG's main audience is not the casual Mario, RPG, single players gamers like yourself and the simple fact that you mention the "awkward lack of trash talk like xbox live juveniles" already indicates that you have a total different view from what this is actually suppose to be.
Demons Souls  +   1965d ago
You're right.
MLG's main audience is the casual Call of Duty, FPS, multiplayer, pre-teen gamers like yourself.
dizzleK  +   1965d ago
don't forget anti-social and angst ridden.

competitive gaming is as idiotic as competitive eating. like they say about the special olympics:whether you win or lose, youre still retarded.
Enigma_2099  +   1965d ago
I'm not paying to see some lazy a** bum sit on his butt, or stand... while playing games...
... and yes, this includes you.

This *sport* is such a f'n joke... it makes professional wrestling look credible...
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Lich120  +   1965d ago
Well you completely missed the point of the article. He was merely pointing out that if MLG continues down the same path, any hopes of going main stream are going to get washed away.
Enigma_2099  +   1965d ago
Or... maybe... just maybe...
... I DON'T CARE WHAT THE POINT OF THE ARTICLE WAS... Doesn't change the fact that I STILL think watching a bunch of "pros" try to out-chap each other in FPS games is a monumental waste of f'n space.

Now the idea someone had of the occasional contest or whatever, cool. But trying to make a whole league? I'd rather watch golf... and I f'n HATE golf!!!
Lich120  +   1964d ago
I was talking to geno, enigma.

Also, I won't dispute your points since I hate watching sports in general.
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BX81  +   1965d ago
Imo MLG sux. I've played with plenty of you so called MLG's online and completely destroyed. At the same time I've been smashed my self. The fact of the matter is no one cares about MLG except MLG. No chicks think you're hot because you wear a halo t-shirt and no one goes out of there way to make it home early to catch MLG on TV. MLG is not a sport or even close to it.
Orange Juice  +   1965d ago
I agree with the article. I think if MLG opened up and held numerous casual tournaments perhaps for unorthodox games and backed it up with heavy promoting and touring they would rake in the cash. Make it like the WWE for gaming.
They might enjoy their obscure niche crowd they attract, but they hold a potential goldmine.
Komega  +   1965d ago
Bingo, I was thinking the same thing about making it kind of like wrestling, except with a little more class:)
xHarvey  +   1965d ago
Why doesn't MLG organize more tournaments for other games the way they do for Halo?
MajestieBeast  +   1965d ago
Less halo would help.
Kakihara  +   1965d ago
What I'd really like to see is some competitive Heavy rain playing ... yeah, you heard me.
Unicron  +   1965d ago
If MLG is so "elite" and "pro," why do they have rules of no use for various weapons, maps, and setups during different games. I would think, as many have said before, that a great player would simply overcome cheap obstacles such as people camping with noobtubes, no?
BX81  +   1965d ago
As much as I hate some of the weapons used online I agree. I think MW2 is a game designed to appeal to the masses. They got crap like heart beat, thermal designed for gamers not that great, to be on an even field of play. With that being said if you're so great of a player you would think you would be able to counter these types of players. Kids these days just take gaming to seriously. Gaming was always meant to be an entertainment first thing not a lets start up an MLG event and call our group pro/sport. Epic fail IMO.
washingmachine  +   1965d ago
mlg is dead
HarryM  +   1965d ago
They're too mean
But seriously, has anyone been in the middle of an argument during and MLG match that you can create on Game Battles?

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