Record of Agarest War Review ( From the publisher behind Deathsmiles, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Mimana Iyar Chronicles comes an SRPG mixed with a dating simulation that spans five generations from developer Idea Factory.

Offering not only a deep and challenge battle system Record of Agarest War offered a truly unique idea for a story. Although the idea of a sim-dating Strategy RPG may have been done before, not many, or any, have required the player to plan so far ahead as to make decisions that would affect their children as well.

All in all this game is a long and difficult game, but is worth at least one play through. Strategy RPGs are a niche genre, but for those gamers willing to try it, they will be rewarded with a fun game that offers plenty of replay as well as “pick up and play” value.

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Crimpson2806d ago

I wanted to try this game, but ive been told that some places you have to ask the people at the counter for it.

Cappy2806d ago

Great Review. May have to go give this game a try been looking for an RPG to play when i have downtime during the weekend.