PS3 hardware outsells Xbox 360 by 25% in Europe

PSUNI: According to the latest European data, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is outselling the Xbox 360 by approximately 25 per cent in the first four months of 2010. This hardware discrepancy points towards Sony’s latest effort to close the gap between Microsoft’s home console.

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darthv722985d ago

Reminds me of all the doom and gloom ps3 is being outsold by x% and y% articles.

Just cause the shoe is on the other foot doesnt make it safe to bowl.


Notice there was no Aaron GreenB*tch press release following the release of the Worldwide sales...

-Mezzo-2985d ago

PS3 has been on the sales Roller Coaster for the past Year i think, & it dosen;t look like it will get off the Roller Coaster any time soon.


darthv722985d ago

Typical roller coasters go up and down. so if the ps3 is on the up then eventually it will have to come down otherwise it isnt a roller coaster.

Using your example with a twist: ps3 and wii and 360 are all on the same coaster with the wii sitting in the front seat. 360 and ps3 elbowing each other as they sit behind.

Def Warrant2985d ago

Nice damage control darth lol

Shadow Flare2985d ago

I like to think that the ps3 is sitting in the roller coaster with the 360 behind, and the ps3 has just thrown up and its smacked the 360 in the face

UnSelf2985d ago

I like to think the name of the roller coaster is called "The PS3" and some schmuck with a 360 shirt knocked out the Sony rep and got access to the controls.

The Wii is doing amazing down in Kiddie Land

aCHU2985d ago

HAHAHA LOL dude bubbles here nailed it pefectly you fools.. his comment made the most sense believe it or not. haha still lol.
good one bro,have a bubble on mua.

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Shadow Flare2985d ago

Well the fact that ps3 has capably outsold the 360 in europe despite launching 18 months after it is nothing short of laughable. Japan and Europe are sony's strongholds. Thats 2/3 of the major territories. And thats why the ps3 has been catching up to the 360 ever so nicely every year since it launched

kingjoker342985d ago

umm since when did this become a suprise. PS3 has been outselling the 360 every week out side of US

Imperator2985d ago

Nope, US = The world. I think we all know that. /s

Tony-A2985d ago

Exactly. On the other hand, I have been noticing a bigger increase in gap between the two lately in Europe every week. Just last week, the PS3 almost sold twice as much as the 360 over there.

63,000 PS3
37,000 360

Imperator2985d ago

You know what the sad part is? The 360 has a 1 1/2 YEAR lead and it STILL lost. Now THAT is just sad. Just imagine if the 360 had come out at the same time. It would be long gone and maybe we'd be a whole generation ahead like we should be.

heylo2984d ago

don't forget the €600 (~$800) price tag and there was no cheaper 20GB version in Europe

sikbeta2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Europe Knows Best, but these are tiny Numbers, Lets see the Numbers When GT5 Comes Out, that Day Europe + Japan = Madness

MGRogue20172985d ago

... Looks like people are finally starting to wake up & see just which of the consoles is really the best. :D

FACTUAL evidence2984d ago

bu bu bu ps3 fanboys don't care about sales!

Petro892984d ago

No surprise.

Obsolete hardware and no standout exclusives = Game Over for the 360.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago

ps3 just does so much and offers alot of exclusives

kjordanreyna2985d ago

Most importantly, variety. Heavy Rain, for instance is a very diverse game that draws in a diverse audience.

stonecold12985d ago

done sony its only a matter of time xbox will fall into last place gt5 says hi

nemrawy2985d ago


UK > Europe


Darkstorn2985d ago

The UK IS part of Europe, man...

Def Warrant2985d ago

Obviously you didn't get the sarcasm

mookins2985d ago


Well done Sony.

mookins2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Boom shaka-laka?

...Idk. x_x

But still, Sony is amazing. Hands down.

Lol @ karl. That was funny.