Google Teams Up With Intel, Sony To Help Make Web TV A Reality

The FT reports that Google, Intel and Sony will announce a “significant breakthrough into consumer electronics and the broadcast industry” later this week with the launch of a so-called “Smart TV” platform.

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SupeerSteebbi2715d ago

Sweet. Sony is doing some really good stuff lately.

Ravage272714d ago

btw anyone here surfs youtube/tv using your PS3? I spend about an hour+ on it every day

Deputydon2714d ago

Sony, Google, and Intel?

I want.

RatFuker2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

im a rat fuker! tsk! tsk!

DelbertGrady2715d ago ShowReplies(2)
Godmars2902715d ago

Can't believe that the PS3 isn't included in such a program. That this mean that either Trone like device is on its way for NA or a slew of apps that will do the same thing.

ChickeyCantor2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yeah well, the best way to make money is to sell different products?

I think the Ps3 browser will have some upgrade.

vhero2715d ago

Might be making PS3 widget compatible or something?? This might go hand in hand with the new XMB rumour we been hearing about. Widgets on PS3 would rock.

Disccordia2714d ago

It would be nice is they turned the browser on the PS3 into Chrome.

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cmrbe2715d ago

to me.Saw this in N4g before.

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